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Knitwits & Crafty Stitchers

I had to go to Galway today.  Galway is one of my favourite cities (not that I’m familiar with that many, mind you).  Today I stumbled upon a little gem tucked away on an industrial estate (Liosban Business Park to be precise).  It can be hard to find supplies in the West of Ireland so I was delighted to find such a well-stocked shop with reasonably-priced yarn.  People tell me to shop online but I like to get my hands on stuff before I buy it; I guess I’m old-fashioned.  I’ve just checked out their website and it looks like you can order on-line too (for those of you who like that sort of thing). 🙂

I bought the sparkly white yarn because I thought it would be perfect for more Christmas snowflakes.


New Christmas Crafting

I’m running a bit late today because lightning caused a power cut here for a few hours.  I missed my cups of tea but it meant that we could put our stove on.

fireplaceWe normally heat the house with a wood pellet burner.  The stove is much more Christmassy, isn’t it?

Yesterday I took my daughter over to my friend Sally‘s Mill and we did some Christmas crafting.  First we collected twigs from Sally’s garden.  They needed to look like miniature trees.  We took them inside, stuck them each in a base block and then drew them.  We tried to create a landscape around them.

TreeSally had glued some sticks together for us so that we could learn how to make Mexican God’s eyes.  We all loved making them.  We especially liked the sparkly yarn that Sally had in her 20-year-old stash.