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Spiraling Out of Control

Maybe I’m addled from drawing too many spirals but this is starting to look like a face to me. I’m calling her Ermintrude. 😀 spirals


Painted Drumhead

My drum circle has disbanded and I’m thinking about getting rid of my drum (not on here so don’t start asking ;)).  It’s a shame for it to gather dust when someone else could be using it.  It’s a machine-made djembe drum.  There was an awful black logo in the middle of the drum skin so I painted spirals over the top of it.  I did them in acrylic paint.  I wasn’t sure how long they would last but they survived repeating bashing very well so I decided to do more painting.

IMG_0771The upper motif is a lioness and is there to protect the drum from damage.  The lower motif is a pair of dogs which represent friendship.  It was supposed to help me share my drum without feeling bad about it.  I was very worried about people damaging the drum skin.  I’m very surprised and pleased about how well the paint has survived years of bashing; repeated stretching and unstretching.

In the next post I will share some photos of the hat I made for my drum.