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Introducing Sally

I’d like to introduce you to my friend Sally.  She’s not around the Internet much at the moment but I hope she’ll be back soon.  She had surgery for cancer in 2011 followed by chemotherapy.  During all that, she still managed to create a fantastic sculpture of the poet Raftery; see her website for more details.  I admire her tenacity and determination.  Unfortunately, she doesn’t really have the energy for such big projects nowadays.


Last year I helped her with the quilt you can see in the photo.  She donated it to a group of crafty people in Mulranny, Ireland, called the “Gift of Hands“.  Sally and I do a lot of crafting together and sometimes my daughter joins in too.  We have so much fun.  In my next post I will show you some of the things we made for Christmas 2012.

In order to help her through the dark winter months last year, I helped Sally start a blog.  (That’s what got me into blogging.  It’s all Sally’s fault. ;))