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Knock Crosses

I took these three photos just before Mass this morning because these scenes fill me with joy, and I wanted to share them.

You might think that it is a strange time of the year to be thinking about the cross, and I was wondering about that too.  However, when I found out at Mass that today is the Feast of St. John of the Cross it started to make more sense.  When I came out, I decided to give you an idea of just how many crosses there are in Knock.  As in life, so in Knock – it is hard to escape the cross.


Je suis revenu – part 4

The last batch of photos were taken in Rouen.

Je suis revenu – part 3

The next photos were taken in Lisieux.  We parked at the basilica, walked down to the cathedral for Mass, then had a lovely picnic with all the other pilgrims.  Then we all processed up to the basilica for Benediction.  After that our little group visited the Carmel Convent where Saint Therésè’s body reposes.

(Click on the photos if you want to enlarge them.)

Je suis revenu

I didn’t have the time to line up artistic shots but here are some quick snaps I took while I was in Normandy.  (As usual, I haven’t included any identifiable photos of my companions, out of respect for their privacy.)  Because the photos may take a while to load I’m going to split them into batches.  The snaps in this post were taken at Saint George’s Abbey, Saint-Martin-de-Boscherville.  As you will see, we took the Irish sky with us. 🙂

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Bucharest Snaps

I’ve just got back from a short break in Bucharest.  A few people have asked to see photos so I’m putting the impersonal* ones here on my blog for easy access.  It was my first time in the city and I didn’t really know what to expect.  It turned out to be a very interesting place and I would definitely go back.  The photos don’t show everything that we saw but I hope that they give a flavour of what visitors can expect to see in the “old town” area.  Please click on one of the circles if you want a proper look at the photos.

*I don’t post photos of any of my family except myself, and I didn’t take any selfies. 🙂