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Decision Making

This sermon by Father David Nix discusses how a Catholic should go about making good decisions.  In doing so it also touches on consolation and desolation in prayer, and the peace that only God can give.  Supporting text here and here.


Bloggers Unite For Peace

whiterosesFeeling like you want to make a positive contribution towards peace in the world?

As a blogger you could try contributing to Uncle Spike’s effort.

If you are a creative sort then you could also consider submitting to the Artists4Peace blog.

My final thought would be that, just like charity, peace begins at home.  To improve peace in our homes we need more peace in our hearts.  To do this takes patience, understanding and forgiveness.  If you can improve the peace in your own household and workplace then you have automatically increased peace in the world.  😀

A Glimpse

My first tanka.

Glimpse TankaIn response to Artists For Peace March prompt I would say: take a walk somewhere green.  🙂

Peace Haiku

Okay, this one turned out a bit weird. 🙂

I wrote another haiku and decided to use Manga Studio to illustrate it.  I have to say, I enjoyed the process even if the results weren’t quite what I had in mind at the start.