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Old Cells and Orchids

I finished this piece ages ago but I fell out with it so I didn’t put it on my blog.  I wasn’t very happy with the colour for a start.  I preferred it when it was just black and white.  Then I compounded the problem by putting it in an unsuitable frame.  I gave up on it just now and took it out of the frame.  It was a relief, and, without the frame, the piece doesn’t look so bad.  I’ve still put it away though.

cellsAnd here are some photos of simple and effortless beauty to balance things out.

I was given an orchid plant for Mother’s Day and it’s just come into bloom again. I’m so pleased – just look at all those buds waiting to open. (You can click on the photos to see them enlarged.)


Colour So Far

It’s nowhere near finished yet but I like how it’s going so far:

Paisley Cells

Every now and then I look through some of the drawings I did when I was a teenager.  It usually inspires me to revisit an old idea.  Here are some teenage drawings inspired by paisley patterns.


And here is the latest version.  I wanted to record it before I added colour.  I could ruin it.  I’m not so happy with the two largest “cells”; I prefer a couple of my teenage versions.  Ho hum.  I shall probably revisit this design again.bandwcells