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Origami Swan

swan4This summer in Ireland has been the best since I moved here in 2000.  It is absolutely scorching.  I haven’t written a post in a while because it’s just been too hot to do very much except eat ice-cubes.  I’m posting now though because I’ve finally finished a model that I have been making for a friend.  Her totem animal is the swan so I think she will like it.  I used the video provided by a Romanian origami wizard on his blog.  Thanks Razvan.   swan2It took ages to make.  The little triangular pieces take less than a minute to fold but there are nearly 600 pieces in this model.  I’ll let you do the maths. While I’m here I want to give you an update on the garden.  redcurrantsWe had our first harvest of redcurrants last week.  It was also our last.  😦  The blackbirds have finally figured out that Hagrid has gone.  Hagrid loved to chase birds.  I didn’t like him doing it but now that the birds are scoffing my fruit I wish he was back at it.  The blackbirds are keeping an eye on the ripening blueberries so I’m going to have to make some bird scarers.  Anybody got any ideas?  I was thinking about tin foil streamers but they’d probably be too fragile. I’ve been trying to do the annual hedge cut.  ladderIt’s not fun in this heat.  May I just say, for the record, that whoever decided that leylandii would make a good hedging plant ought to be taken out and shot.  The previous owners of our house who planted the hedge should be shot too.  Only kidding, but that’s how I feel when I’m up the ladder. And one final gratuitous picture of my garden in bloom.  The pink flower is mallow and the white ones on the right are hebe.  As always you can click on the photos to enlarge them.mallowetc