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Geoff the Giraffe and Gardening

I’ve been letting the blog take a back seat for the last few months because I was hoping to put more energy into my artwork.  As always, life (and Microsoft) got in the way, and I wasn’t able do that.  My graphics machine is the last refuge for Windows in this house but not for much longer because a Windows update made it about as useful for drawing as a brick.  Anyway, the loss of my drawing tool freed me up to tackle a crochet project that I’d wanted to do for ages.  Anyone who has followed this blog from the beginning will probably know that I tend to binge on my hobbies.  I can go for months or years without doing any crochet, origami or whatever, but when I get started I just can’t stop.  This time I’m addicted to woolly creatures designed by Heidi Bears.  I’m on my third one.  I can only show you the second one because the others are destined to be gifts for people who might see this post.  Meet Geoff the Giraffe:

I’ve also spent quite a bit of time in the garden:

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