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And now for something completely different…

I found this charming creature on the the back wall of my house yesterday:


From a distance it looks just like a broken twig.  It is in fact a buff-tip moth.  We had to move it up into a tree when our cats noticed it and started to investigate.

Here is some more information for those who are interested:


December Flowers

We had quite a mild autumn here in the west of Ireland so there are a few more flowers in my garden than normal.  The temperature has dropped now and the winds have picked up but some of the plants are still trying to put on a show.  I thought I’d share some photos that I took of them today.  Some of them are a little bedraggled (Black-eyed Susan looks like she got that name in a fight for example) but they’re trying their best. 🙂

(As always, click a picture if you want a closer look.)

Spring Has Definitely Sprung

In my Irish garden, the snowdrops, dafodills and fritillaries have gone over. In the last few days the rest of the plants have put on a huge amount of growth. I took all of these photos yesterday evening.

The Exuberance of Nature

This entry was inspired by a post featuring Japanese irises.  I love to see the plants that grow in different countries; some of them are familiar, some not so familiar.  Since you probably don’t live in Ireland (not many people do, apparently) I thought you might like to see some of the things that grow here.

I know I’m cheating a bit with this post.  This blog is supposed to be about things I create, and while gardening can be creative I’m not sure it fits under my “Art and Craft” umbrella.  In fact this post isn’t even mainly about gardening.  It’s mostly just about how wonderfully abundant Mother Nature is.  Ever since I moved to rural Ireland I’ve been amazed at the variety of wild plants that grow by the sides of the roads.  These photos were all taken within a few hundred yards of my house.  I haven’t even included them all.  There are many more plants that didn’t make the cut.  (I’m not a photographer so please forgive my less-than-professional snapshots.)

I’ve updated this post to try thumbnails instead of a slideshow.  If you click on any of the thumbnails they should take you into a slideshow where the captions show up a bit better than in the original.  Press <Esc> to come out of the slideshow.