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Sad State of Churches in France

Having recently shown you some of the beautiful architecture in France I thought I would show you the danger that it is in.  As far as I know, the French state owns most of the churches.  It just allows the people use them for worship, and so on.  When I was in Rouen I saw impressive repairs that had been made to the cathedral but I also saw plants growing on the roof of St Ouen’s (see here for my photos of these buildings).  It seems that there isn’t enough money to go around.  The huge church of St Ouen holds only one Mass per year and is used for art installations, and the like, for the rest of the time.  It was very sad to see a consecrated church crumbling and full of inappropriate artwork.

If a church is a big tourist attraction then it is safe for the time being but the rest…

2800 churches in France have recently been, or are soon to be, demolished.

And, before I get complaints, I know this is not just a problem in France.  For example, I know that the Church in Britain has sold a lot of its old high-maintenance buildings in favour of cheaper modern ones.  At least there, a lot of the old buildings are being preserved by private owners after being deconsecrated.


Je suis revenu

I didn’t have the time to line up artistic shots but here are some quick snaps I took while I was in Normandy.  (As usual, I haven’t included any identifiable photos of my companions, out of respect for their privacy.)  Because the photos may take a while to load I’m going to split them into batches.  The snaps in this post were taken at Saint George’s Abbey, Saint-Martin-de-Boscherville.  As you will see, we took the Irish sky with us. 🙂

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