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Crochet Garland


I might add a few little leaves here and there but the garland is pretty much done.  As you can see, I swapped out the pale leaves and replaced them with darker ones.  I’m not crazy about how they turned out but I think they’ll have to do.  I’ve got friction burns on my fingers from the yarn passing over the same place over and over again so I’m going to leave off crochet for a while now.  Time for some drawing (when it’s raining) and gardening (when it’s not).

December Flowers

We had quite a mild autumn here in the west of Ireland so there are a few more flowers in my garden than normal.  The temperature has dropped now and the winds have picked up but some of the plants are still trying to put on a show.  I thought I’d share some photos that I took of them today.  Some of them are a little bedraggled (Black-eyed Susan looks like she got that name in a fight for example) but they’re trying their best. 🙂

(As always, click a picture if you want a closer look.)

Flower Circle

Flower Circle

Flower Circle