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Easter Eggs

My apologies in advance to my vegan readers; we used a lot of eggs in this crafting session. Please see my previous post for more on the egg issue. A small consolation is that no factory-farmed eggs were used: Sally bought duck eggs and was given chicken eggs by a neighbour who keeps her own birds.  Also, after writing the previous post I went out and bought a vegan egg substitute.  It won’t be any good for Easter crafting but hopefully I can now make cruelty-free cakes and so on. 🙂
Sally’s daughter supplied us with two kits from the States; thank you Erin. I haven’t seen this kind of kit in Ireland. There were all sorts of ways of decorating the eggs. My favourite was the wax crayon used to create “resist” designs with the dyes. I hope you enjoy the photos. You might remember the bunny ears from last year; my daughter has inherited the hoarder gene from someone (not me, obviously 😉 ).

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Egg on my Face

I haven’t been looking forward to posting this.  However, I said that I was going to do a serious post about eggs, and here it is.  I have a confession that must be made before I show you my Easter crafting photos.

Why do I have egg on my face?  It concerns my egg consumption habit.  One doesn’t have to look far for evidence that egg production is cruel at any scale.  Leaving aside the horrific videos one can find on the Internet, all one has to do is ask oneself what happens to all the unwanted male chicks?  The answer is obvious; they must be disposed of somehow.  Even if they are not tossed alive into meat grinders or plastic bags, they still have to be killed.  All those sweet little fluffy yellow lives snuffed out before they’ve hardly begun for the sake of my omelettes and French toast (and so on).  And that is only the tip of the iceberg.  What about the cruelty of keeping birds (you know, those creatures with wings that fly wherever they want) captive and stealing their eggs?  Knowing all this you’d think I’d be able to stop eating eggs, wouldn’t you?  But no, I just keep on doing it.  It’s a bad habit that I can’t seem to break,  I have many excuses, but mostly it’s an unthinking habit.  It was only after I’d had a marvelous day decorating over a dozen eggs for Easter that I realised how badly my actions are divorced from my beliefs.

So, what am I going to do about it?  Well, I think a good start is to find lots of new egg-free dishes.  I’ve been thinking about this for a while so when I saw a competition on Bunny Kitchen blog for a vegan cookbook I decided to enter it.  The recipes sounded so delicious I was eager to win.  And I did: when I was making the transition from flu to chest infection, I was delighted to receive an email telling me the good news.  My sincerest thanks go to Poppy of Bunny Kitchen for that.  The book arrived a few days later.  My mouth has been watering as I’ve been reading it.  However, being ill, I haven’t had the energy to try any of the recipes yet but I will let you know how I get on as soon as I do.