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Almost Done

Just some spiral patterns left to do, and a bit of tweaking here and there.

(The pencil underdrawing won’t be in the final version.)



Tree Progress


So I got all the lettering done except for the initial “G”; the first draft anyway.

Please don’t ask me what is up with the animal head coming out of the “d”. I don’t know why his tongue has got knotted up with his mane. It’s just one of those things that happens in this kind of art. I guess the monks that spent so many hours of their lives making themselves blind doing this stuff liked to have a bit of fun with it. That, or they drank too much homebrew. Monks were/are pretty good brewers, or so I’m told.

Border Control

I’ve made a little more progress on my Tree of Life piece.  I wanted to take a break from spirals so I decided to start work on the border.  I based the border designs on ones I had sketched for an earlier project (which is currently on the back burner).  I also tried out some of the Book of Kells font that I created for that project.  For those interested in the technicalities, I created the font using Manga Studio but I’m doing this piece in Krita.  Sometimes one can export projects from Manga Studio in Photoshop format (.psd) and then open them in Krita.  It didn’t work this time though so I had to make do with just the bare image.


My Knot It Has Three Corners

When I opened my sketchbook to work on my new project I found some sketches that I had forgotten about.  A couple of months ago I wanted to try to convert a four-cornered knot into a three-cornered knot.  I thought the result was a bit wonky so I didn’t post it but now it’s grown on me.  Here is the tracing paper I used to start the design and to transfer it between versions:


And here are the three versions I ended up with:

And if you’re confused by the weird title, see the explanation posted here.

Tree Mandala

Inspired by Matt Ridgway’s mandalas on deviantART.