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Approved Version

This version of my Holy Face design has been approved by the person who requested it.  I’m happy with it overall but I think that the face itself and the lettering might need tweaking.



Tree Progress


So I got all the lettering done except for the initial “G”; the first draft anyway.

Please don’t ask me what is up with the animal head coming out of the “d”. I don’t know why his tongue has got knotted up with his mane. It’s just one of those things that happens in this kind of art. I guess the monks that spent so many hours of their lives making themselves blind doing this stuff liked to have a bit of fun with it. That, or they drank too much homebrew. Monks were/are pretty good brewers, or so I’m told.

Border Control

I’ve made a little more progress on my Tree of Life piece.  I wanted to take a break from spirals so I decided to start work on the border.  I based the border designs on ones I had sketched for an earlier project (which is currently on the back burner).  I also tried out some of the Book of Kells font that I created for that project.  For those interested in the technicalities, I created the font using Manga Studio but I’m doing this piece in Krita.  Sometimes one can export projects from Manga Studio in Photoshop format (.psd) and then open them in Krita.  It didn’t work this time though so I had to make do with just the bare image.


Tree of Life – Sketch

Today is the day Catholics celebrate the cross with a Feast that used to be called Rood Mass.  One reason we celebrate the cross is because it demonstrates God’s great love for us.  As Saint Catherine of Siena says:

Nails were not enough to hold the God-Man nailed and fastened on the Cross, had not love held Him there.

Or, as John’s gospel says:


This is the sketch I made for my Tree of Life drawing that I mentioned in an earlier post. The body of Christ is traced from a photo of a crucifix.  That’s why it looks better than the rest of the sketch.  🙂

Digital Vatican Library

I’ve just come across a great resource for people interested in old manuscripts.  Here is a link to the first manuscript I came across, an Anglo-Saxon bible.  Unfortunately, I can’t show you any of the exquisite lettering and illumination here because the images are copyrighted.

By the way, if you go to page 76v of the aforementioned book you will see what may be the first documented reference to “soccer”.  😉  I must brush up on my Latin…

Modern Magpie

I haven’t been visiting blogland very much lately.  And I haven’t done much in the way of art or craft for a few months because my energy and focus have been diverted elsewhere.  However, a new project recently presented itself to me.  The first step was to produce a digital version of my magpie design, which I did using the free software Krita:

Now I need to somehow incorporate knotwork into the design.  It’s going to be tricky.

I look forward to catching up with you all soon.

Copper Knot Experiment Continues



Copper Knot WIP

There’s a painting I’ve been wanting to re-do for a while now.  I started the original because I had a lot of leftover orange paint from a previous painting.  What a terrible reason to start a painting!  Anyway, I’d been wanting to do something with a knot that I’ve been toying with for years.  (I was playing with it in 2013.)  I wanted to make the knot the star of the show rather than it being used to frame or decorate something.  I ended up with something a bit seventies; somebody even called it “funky”.

justknotpaintingEver since I finished the painting, I’ve been wanting to paint out the orange ring.  Also, I had wanted the central knot to look 3D but it never happened.  On the plus side, I like the colours in the outer stripes, they remind me of ice cream somehow.  So, what have I been up to.  Well, rather than slap some more paint over the top I thought I’d try out some ideas in Manga Studio.  Here’s pretty much the original colour scheme but with a 3D knot using my newly-acquired skills at imitating old copper.justknotorigcoloursAnd here’s where I’ve tried to limit the colour palette slightly and add some texture.

justknotsnewcoloursIt’s still looking a little too funky for my taste so I’m going to keep experimenting.  I’ll probably do a cut-down digital version composed mainly of the copper knot.

Flower Circle

Flower Circle

Flower Circle

Tree Mandala

Inspired by Matt Ridgway’s mandalas on deviantART.