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Counting My Blessings

I had the very great good fortune to be able to travel to Limerick this weekend for a Pontifical Mass with Cardinal Burke. It was all very beautiful but I deliberately didn’t take photos or videos. Some experiences are best had first-hand, don’t you think? Instead here’s a limerick I knocked up for you:

There once was a woman from Wales,

Met a cardinal and all that entails;

His ring she did kiss,

Then knelt to be blessed,

That fortunate woman from Wales

Here’s a photo of the view from my hotel room

and a photo of a bendy bus (and some cute little people) I took for someone who’s never seen one.

And here is a short video of Cardinal Burke giving some advice for Catholic parents:


Best Christmas Gift Ever

I’m nearly ready to show you my latest artwork but in the meantime I wanted to ask my Christian friends something.  I recently introduced you to my new hero His Eminence Raymond Cardinal Burke.  This morning I received an email (excerpt below) asking for spiritual gifts to offer to His Eminence to support him in his battle for the faith.  I wonder if you would offer up a prayer for His Eminence, or, even better, join the Rosary Warriors and offer him a spiritual gift this Christmas.

It was a sunny day, so the stained-glass windows created a kaleidoscope of color throughout the church.

The lighting seemed perfect. Everything was quiet and reverent. The church was ready for the priest to arrive at the altar for noon mass.

Then there was a click. Then another. One by one a hidden hand turned on the lights in the sanctuary. The shadowy reverie disappeared. The brass candlesticks, the tabernacle, the white linens turned radiant. Everything was bathed in brilliance.

A happiness came over me as the priest walked out to celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

Then it hit me.

Our daily lives and our spiritual ones are much like a church cloaked in penumbra before Mass. God’s grace reaches us like sun beams through a stained-glass window. But we long for more…more Light.

Our souls seek the Light of Truth in all its brilliance! Orthodoxy, truth and clarity of the Church’s doctrine lights up our Faith!

Truth and orthodoxy spoken by a pious pastor caring for his flock such as his Eminence Cardinal Raymond Burke.

His example of orthodoxy illuminates as it encourages, inspires and lets us feel the elation of the gift of our Faith no matter the darkness in our lives.

Click here to pledge your spiritual gift to Cardinal Burke! <>

Truth be told, this year the winds of chaos have blown ferociously. From mixed messages in the Church regarding Amoris Laetitia to the unprecedented contentious presidential race, you and I as Catholics have been battered for holding firm to our orthodox beliefs.

But we are not the first in the history of the Church to walk in darkness. Two thousand and sixteen years ago, the world was cloaked in a similar darkness like you and I feel today.

It was in the darkest hour that God chose to bring the Light of Truth to the world in the Person of His only begotten Son at the first Christmas!

Today, as you and I approach yet another Christmas, let us remember that Christ is always with His Church.

The Holy Spirit is breathing a wind into the sails of those like us who are willing to stand and fight to be faithful.

And the Holy Spirit is inspiring leaders like his Eminence Raymond Cardinal Burke to humbly stand up and continue to teach the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth of the Catholic Faith.

But just as you and I feel overwhelmed sometimes, we should remember that Cardinal Burke too feels the weight on his shoulders of the crisis facing the Church today.

Moreover, the obligation that befalls him not only as a pastor but as a humble counselor to the Pope weighs just as much.

He, along with the other members of the College of Cardinals, has a grave responsibility in the leadership of the Church, especially in advising the Holy Father. And he takes that responsibility seriously, no matter the consequences.

That is why I have come up with an idea for a prayerful Christmas gift for Cardinal Burke that you and I can present to him to encourage and support him.

It is a Spiritual Treasure Chest that can only happen if you join me in creating it.

To make it truly an amazing gift, I need you and thousands of other Rosary Warriors to put spiritual gems of prayerful action into this Spiritual Treasure Chest. You can choose to pray a Rosary, have a Mass offered for Cardinal Burke’s intentions, or offer a small sacrifice in your daily life.

Can I count on you to help create and send this uplifting Christmas gift to Cardinal Burke?

Let’s you and I, together with thousands of Rosary Warriors show Cardinal Burke that we understand and appreciate his leadership and ongoing efforts to defend Truth and encourage the disheartened.

May the Holy Family during this Advent and throughout the Christmas Season bless and keep you and yours close to their Immaculate and Divine hearts and under the mantle of St Joseph. Thank you!

Your friend in Jesus and Mary,

Thomas J. McKenna
Founder and President

My New Hero

Raymond Leo Cardinal BurkeThe Sunday before last, I was privileged to be able to go to a Pontifical Mass celebrated by His Eminence Raymond Cardinal Burke (pictured). However, that’s not what made him my new hero. The Catholic world has been in crisis since the Second Vatican Council in the Sixties, and Cardinal Burke, along with three other Cardinals, has just made a significant step in resolving that crisis.  He is the only Cardinal of the four who is not retired.  He has already been demoted and sidelined by the Vatican for his conservative stance.  He risks further reprisals with this latest move, even though what he is doing is absolutely legitimate and even a requirement of his position as Cardinal.  May God rain blessings down on this very brave man.