Here is where I keep track of my doodles, WIPs and non-digital pieces of art.  The finished digital pieces are on the “Fiddlesticks” page.chaoticparadox


justknotsnewcolours justknotorigcoloursjustknotpainting

DSC00078 teenagehorse cellsfinisheddream pattern2 zentangleswatches gpscan2 gpscan1 IMG_1224flowercircle treecircle Calligraphy2 whales2 whales DurrowCarpet dolphins purplepony Doodle2 Doodle1 tracing sketch1 mangapose Dsketch wingshaloes StJohnhalo morecats HaloSketch CormacPsalterSketch catspeacockSketch Book of Kells Font2 Ave Maria MMs deeppeaceKnot1 coloursofar paisley bandwcells Lir_s children closer IMG_0771 framed magpie mag2 afterweave originalsketchcornucopia small bikes small Enemies at Dinas Emrys small DSC00078 deeppeace3.jpg

  1. my there are so many here to look through. i will have to come back. Nice work. Eve


  2. your entire life must be a meditation when i look through the pages of art work, i am simply amazed.. Eve


    • Interesting observation, Eve, thank you. 🙂 I wish my life were a meditation but you’re right in that art (and creating in general) is a kind of meditation for me. It allows me to become utterly absorbed in a process. If I could be less attached to the outcome though I would be better off. 🙂

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  3. These are all very impressive and speak from a world of talent and thoughtfulness. I like them all, some I like more than others, naturally, but they are all very, very nice.


  4. These are amazing…Beautiful work..So intricate… you must have amazing patience, But what did I think before, knowing you did those stunning origami works? What am I a dumkopf??? (Of course Sarah has patience!!) Thank you, Sarah, for sharing these. As I said, They are Amazing!


  5. Yeah, I know. I get “accused of patience” too when it is really just passion!



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