This is where I keep track of my finished digital art and practice pieces.  All the other art that has appeared on my blog is on the “Flapdoodle” page.

snowflake doodlespiral graffitiWIP Eagle Crest10small

Glimpse Tanka

PerspectiveTextholyspirit Aliens 2 Alienssmall

TwoBikesTwoLights Gsmall TwoBikesTwoLights BYsmall PPonyTransSml PPonyFlwrCloudsmall PPonyJustFlowerssmall ColleenHalfSize peacehaiku wheelknotpinksmall.jpg wheelknotdark15 digiwheeledges4rgbry.jpgcopper skylight Meepglowsml Meepfeathersml liffe is good SMALL chainsmall BallaTower frances1 Finger Smear Black Spring blossom vert nihongo I just love Manga Studio 2

  1. love the images here – i am off next saturday. the visa was late.. hah!


    • Thank you. I hope you have a wonderful time Eve and that your spirit is refreshed by the Indian atmosphere. I look forward to seeing your posts when you get back (unless you plan to post while you’re out there, in which case, bravo!)

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    • By the way, I couldn’t find a way to comment on your flower abstracts. The crocus and the orchid were my favourites. Lovely, lovely. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      • no, the theme is not good at showing comments, they are hidden at the bottom of the page – under the button. no one comments. i understand why. we need a new theme but will have to wait. thanks for the feedback. i am deeply into abstracts at the moment. i have a group on f.b. where i learn and post. it is very good. eve xxxxx


      • I clicked on the circle (with a plus sign, I think) at the bottom and it brought up a load of extra stuff but still no comments. I’m glad you’re enjoying learning and having fun. 😀 ❤


  2. Love your artwork. I am now trying to teach myself to paint. I have drawn a lot, (charcoal) and wanted to venture off into the paint world. It has been interesting as I learn how to shadow and the like. Thanks for sharing and God Bless, SR

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