Catholic Resources

Each time I post a link to a Catholic resource I will try to remember to also add it to this list:

Lots of Information about traditional Catholic beliefs and practices –

Turin Shroud photos

Brother Lawrence’s Practice of the Presence of God

The Most Reverend Bishop Sanborn on Mental Prayer (video)

My transcript of the Mental Prayer video

Lectio Divina – a traditional Catholic form of meditation/contemplation

Father Apostoli on the Stages of Prayer and Spiritual Growth (video)

Hieromonk Deiniol on Christianity in Wales

Callixtus – YouTube Channel dedicated to Christian chant (mainly medieval)

Links for lots of free classic Catholic books

Some more free Catholic books

Sensus Fidelium YouTube Channel – mainly sermons and talks

The Three Stages of the Spiritual Life sermon (Video 1 of 2)

Carmelite Mental Prayer sermon (Video 2 of 2)

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