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We’ve had a lot of cats while we’ve been living in Ireland.  There are lots of feral cats roaming the countryside looking for some sap to feed them or to adopt their kittens.  At one point we had four under our roof.  They were probably all related because they could tolerate and even enjoy each other’s company.  They would all sit on the kitchen window sill waiting to be let inside, then, when we opened the back door they would all run in to their food bowls like they were on rails:


They would also cuddle up in one basket at nap time (unfortunately I don’t have a photo with all four together):

We currently have three cats under our roof, and another who comes for food but won’t let us touch him.  Sadly, they hate each other.  They turn to us for cuddles instead.  Strangely, but conveniently, they have each chosen different people as their special property.  Minnie has always been devoted to my husband:


Next came Tiger who adopted me:

Then came Marshmallow who chose my daughter, who chose her unusual name:


And last of all – king of the garden:


Introductions over, I’d like to share an insight I had whilst watching the cats. As I said, these cats hate each other. It makes living with them quite difficult at times, and it makes them quite jumpy. Anyway, earlier on, I was trying to persuade Tiger that he could go back to sleep while I dealt with the post which had just dropped through the door and startled him. The thing is the cats don’t trust us enough. We want them to know that we have their best interests at heart but there’s no way to communicate that to them. From their point of view we’re quite unsatisfactory hosts. We’re slow to give them what they want, and even when we respond we often get it wrong. “No, I don’t want fish today!” We put them out in all weathers. Occasionally, we even hurt them; trapping a tail or treading on a paw. We’ve let invading cats into their domain, or, in Marshmallow’s case, we’ve introduced them into an environment that already belongs to someone else. If they trusted us we could minimise their contact with the other cats. But because they’d rather travel through the house on their own terms they’re constantly evading us and running up against the other cats. Whoever suggested the term “herding cats” for an impossible task was spot on.

So, it struck me, that this is somewhat analogous to our relationship with God. I’m sure that if we could trust God more it would make our lives a lot easier. He’s tried to communicate His great love and care for us through Revelation and by allowing His Son to be sacrificed for us. But we’d rather try to rely on our own feeble powers than to trust in the care of Our Heavenly Father. And that’s probably because His care can be baffling at times. God doesn’t always give us what we think we need and sometimes He allows bad things to happen to us. We don’t trust Him enough to realise that He sees the bigger picture, that He is helping us to grow and flourish. So from now on I’m going to try to be less like a cat and more like a dog when it comes to trust. How about you?


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  1. Love this! Especially the comparison to our relationship with God. Ah yes!

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  2. This is so good Sarah—we have two cats currently. And to think, I married a non-cat guy and if the truth be told, a non-pet person…but they have grown on him deeply.
    Ours are each rescues but rescues who found us…as in they somehow knew as dying kittens we would take them in.
    Percy having been badly hurt from what the vet surmised having been thrown at a post from a moving car (I have very little for those who find it tolerable or “fun” to hurt animals)
    And he’s had to have multiple surgeries on his mouth that was severly damaged.

    I love both Percy and Peaches dearly. Peaches being the oldest and first to have found us when she was a starving kitten.
    She came to us the summer our son went off to college so I saw this as God giving me a small needy gift when I was somewhat lost as a mother.

    Percy is physically much larger than Peaches but has always looked to her as his mom—and she has tended to him as if he were.

    But you are right…no matter how much I have cared for them and done for them…the least little something that falls or should someone knock on the door…absolutely terrifies them…they run and hide—as if I’d ever let anything happen to them or harm them.
    Scardy cats to be sure…and yet it troubles me as I feel that they don’t totally trust me…so your analogy is spot on Sarah—I do the same to God and often I don’t even realize I’m doing it…

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  3. Sarah, Love the way you link it to our relationship with God. My wife and I live in a high rise apartment complex where pets are unfortunately not entertained – which we miss. But we had a nice time with them when we lived in our house in England.

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  4. I’m terribly sorry not to keep in touch. I greatly enjoyed this post! I hope all of you are well and have wonderful winter days.

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    • Lovely to hear from you! ❤️ Winter has indeed set in here in Ireland. Some days we hardly see the sun at all because of the cloudy sky. It’s a bit depressing. How is winter in Japan?


  5. It is fun learning about your cats, and how they behave. What a great photo of you and Tiger. 🙂 The best thing about this post is how you’ve been able to incorporate your practical daily life with your spiritual life, and find analogies to better understand your relationship with God. I do that kind of thing all the time. Not with God, of course (wink!), but taking one part of my life that I think I understand, and using it to help me understand another part of my life.

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  6. Sarah, Photos of Hasso, Axel and Juno are featured in my post: Travel All-Inclusive: Tails of Affection (5 October 2012). Maybe you would like to see that. Jo

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    • Thanks, Jo, I’ve just had a look. Thank you for sharing them with me. They are beautiful and friendly looking dogs. I’m sorry they are no longer with you. I would have liked to meet them. I like dogs. We had a Blue Merle Collie when I was growing up in Wales. I used to walk her to the beach quite often and throw balls into the sea for her.

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