Her body, her choice, apparently

The Irish people have voted to remove the recognition of the unborn’s right to life from their constitution. I have no more words.


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    • As my husband says, it just brings to the surface the reality that has not been so obvious to the world so far: Ireland is no longer a Catholic country. 😞


      • It’s hard to fathom how a country that has suffered so much for the Faith could throw it away with both hands. Those faithful souls who hold fast the faith now will uphold Ireland in the future. They are the children of Our Lady, who will crush the head of satan, and God-willing, soon!


      • I think it comes down to the people feeling betrayed by the Church. There was, understandably, a lot of bad feeling around the sex abuse scandal but this has been exploited by the media. Irish media and politicians have used every opportunity to discredit the Church and to whip up public outrage against it. Those faithful left in Ireland will soon, I think, feel the wrath of the majority who now feel vindicated in their rejection of the Church’s teachings.


  1. I now Sarah—my post tomorrow adresses ​this latest travesty….


    • Thanks, Julie. I’m so sad for the Irish people and for the loss of faith. They don’t understand the terrible consequences of their choice. One tiny glimmer of hope: Knock parish (where the national shrine to Our Lady is located) voted No to repeal.

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  2. The issue troubles me in many ways. Each of us was an idea in the mind of God before creation. Does abortion defy God ? Or was it planned for the termination to take place ? What happens to those who never were ?


    • Abortion is a terrible offence against God. Life begins with conception, and abortion ends that life by human free will. As far as I understand it their souls end up in a sort of limbo. This a place where souls are not tormented (like they are in Hell) but where they never get to see or know God. 😦


  3. Sarah, I read something amazing about Knock today, and thought of you…has something happened there?

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    • Do you mean recently? There was an alleged miracle there last year but it looked bogus to me. There’s always a lot going on there. Lots of pilgrimages. There was a pro-life event last weekend with Mass, talks and entertainment in the evening. I don’t know of anything else out of the ordinary that happened recently. What was it you read?


  4. Ah! It must have been a supposed phenomena that occurred last year, but, written up with today’s date. When will I learn to check and double check?! Sorry to trouble you Sarah,..wishing you every blessing today!


    • No trouble, Patricia. I would have been glad to have heard about something wonderful happening in Knock. 🙂 I live nearby but I don’t get to hear about everything that happens there. The “miracle” last year was a group of pilgrims who saw the sun dancing. There’s a video of it on the internet somewhere but it didn’t look significant to me. A smart-alec said in the comments that the people were astonished because they were seeing the sun in Knock (which is known for it’s grey skies). 😉 I haven’t heard anything about it since (until now) which seems to suggest it wasn’t supernatural.

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