Humble Pie

I wrote a hasty post yesterday morning and have been making corrections to it as I gradually realised my mistake.  The trouble is that I’ve been distracted by dealing with a tough situation at home, caused in part, rather ironically, by someone else’s Internet indiscretions.  Perhaps yesterday’s mistake was a lesson in humility designed to remind me not to judge others too harshly.  Anyway, I wrote a misleading post which I have now tried to correct.  I’m sorry for publishing misleading content.  I hope anybody who read my post yesterday will take the time to read the updated post.  Please accept my humble apologies for wasting your time and abusing your trust.


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  1. Reread it and I don’t believe an apology is necessary considering the disproportionate coverage. Thanks for the clarification, though. 🙂

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    • That’s was a good article, Perpetua, thanks for the link. Is there anything in particular you don’t understand? Maybe I could help clarify things for you.


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