Gagged by Google

I’ve updated this post a number of times since I first posted it yesterday morning.  I’m afraid I wrote it originally as a knee-jerk response to some bad news, and I didn’t take enough time to check my facts before publishing.  I have perhaps given the impression to some of my readers that Google and Facebook have unfairly targeted pro-life campaigners.  In this particular case they have blocked ads from both sides.  I’m sorry if my original post was misleading.  I will try my best not to make a similar mistake in future.  The fact remains, however, that this censorship affects the pro-life side disproportionately because the mainstream media (and all the political parties bar one tiny one) in Ireland are firmly pro-abortion, and the Internet is one of the few publicity tools left to the pro-life campaigners.


In the run up to the referendum here in Ireland, Google and Facebook have decided to block related ads.  Pro-life campaigners have been forced to switch to other mail services and outlets (like to spread their message.  It is now up to small independent writers, like me, to help promote the pro-life content.

The Yes side of this referendum is big on euphemism: ‘reproductive rights’; the ‘right to choose’ (choose what?); and the most nauseating of all – ‘abortion care’.

At the heart of the exercise is an immense evasion: the baby. It is as if the baby is a kind of cancer, to be eliminated, chopped off, expunged.

Another word for ‘euphemism’ is ‘lie’. This is a referendum of lies. Not, as we are sometimes told, lies on both sides but lies on only one side: the side that seeks the slaughter of innocents but will not come right out and say so. We are enjoined to be polite, to keep the debate ‘respectful’, to avoid ‘shock tactics’, but these injunctions invariably come from the people who are engaged in the telling of these colossal lies. ‘Shock tactics’ means the truth. Keeping the debate ‘respectful’ means avoiding mention of the truth.

If you want to read the rest of the article, click here.

I sometimes use a search engine called because it’s, well, it’s not Google. I have also switched my main mail account from Gmail to Yandex mail. The mail works great but the search engine is not as clever (IMO) as Google… yet.

I don’t think this blog is in any danger because my audience is too small but if I do disappear in the near future you’ll know why. By the way, talking of disappearing, I’ve been having problems with my WordPress app for the last few months. I read and “like” my readers’ blog posts but when I go back next time my Likes have disappeared. So if you feel like I’m ignoring you that might be why. The Likes stick if I do them on the previews in the Reader but that means I can’t see the full posts. So, anyway, there’s a fix, it just means I have to remember to go back to the preview after I’ve read your posts. I don’t always remember, so sorry about that.


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  1. I’ve noticed too that on Twitter pro-life views are routinely suppressed. Surprisingly, even innocent photos, like the one you have above, of cute little babies or sonograms that clearly show a well-formed human are being are blocked as “sensitive content.” Free speech is a thing of the past and the thought police are in full force when you don’t think according to the agenda of the “Culture of Death.”.

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  2. First of all…I find this absolutely appalling but yet I don’t know why I’m surprised.
    Both Mother Teresa and John Paul II warned us of this ever-increasing culture of death.

    There will always be two sides to every coin…whether places like Google, or Facebook or Twitter, et al want to ever admit such, as it seems that they have decided to the contrary.

    Yes Freedom of Speech, the right to a different opinion, the right to hold one’s Christian faith as sacred…let alone the right to hold all life sacred, does indeed seem to be dying a rapid death in our western civilization.

    It’s ironic that so many scream of human rights violations in certain countries yet fail to see the same violations in our very home countries. It is the log in the eye of the brother without noting a greater log in our own eye…
    “Oh but that’s different” cry the masses.

    I’ve been known to joke all the time about a conspiracy here at WP as I so often fall into the black hole of spam or comments awaiting moderation…but I am somewhat surprised knowing the large swath of pro-life, pro-God, pro-Christian blogs here that we are “allowed” to write on in relative freedom. Perhaps it’s as you say, Sarah, the following of some of our blogs is small and we fall under the radar…or maybe it is also just a matter of time…
    At any rate—Pro life is truly pro living and may we choose to truly live well as we continue to defend God’s word!

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  3. There is a difference between ads and information.
    I wouldn’t promote ads for things I dont stand for on my website.


    • I understand your point but your website is probably not designed as a forum where people are supposed to be able to exchange and publicise information…


      • I dont think ads are information that people are searching for when they do a common search engine search though, ads pop up on their own to advertise randomly

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      • I don’t think it’s exactly random but I understand what you’re getting at, i.e. people see info in ads that they haven’t asked for, just like when one sees billboards along the side of a road. I suppose I can concede that Google is entitled to restrict ads as they see fit but their timing sucks! The mainstream media and political parties here in Ireland are overwhelmingly pro-abortion and it is difficult for pro-lifers to put their arguments to the public in any significant way. There used to be room for both sides of an argument on TV and so on, but that is not happening these days.


      • I dont think it’s google’s job to ensure either side or both sides of an issue get equal advertising; The fact is that it is the people’s job to educate themselves and show up to vote.
        And frankly religions and their doctrines have no place in law; if the religious folks oppose abortion then they should keep that in their church, not try to apply it to everyone in the country.
        Don’t approve of abortion? Dont have one then, but its unfair to try to force your way of life on everyone.


      • I’m sorry you feel that way. You are so far from understanding my position that I can’t begin to explain it to you in a comment box. I wish you all the best, and hope most deeply that you never have to witness or experience the horror of abortion.


      • Forced birth on girls and women by law or otherwise is real the horror.

        Early term fetuses are unconscious and unable to experience pain or suffering, girls and women who have to have illegal abortions however suffer tremendously.


      • Look, we could waste a lot of time thrashing this out but I don’t think it’s going to change your mind and it’s certainly not going to change mine on this particular issue. You do, however, need to reflect on the idea that it’s okay to kill someone because they’re unconscious.


  4. as to the update—I think those of us of Faith and pro-life and pro-God will continue to see restraints to our “right” of expression while those who run with the counter thoughts will find more and more support—perhaps your humble pie post is just a glimpse of what will be or what actually beginning to take effect…no apologies need as this is just a lesson in what may or may not be coming down the pike…

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    • Thanks, Julie. I have no wish to mis-lead anyone by omitting relevant details. Maybe my humble pie post could be considered an attack of British manners, or just my individual tendency towards scrupulosity, but I couldn’t leave things the way they were. I’m an introvert and not used to having to assert myself in the public arena. I hope I can learn to do better, because, as you point out, it’s probably only going to get harder as time rolls on.

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