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Regular visitors will notice that I’ve changed the header on this blog.  I never intended to become a Catholic blogger because I don’t feel qualified.  However, the fact remains that I’m a blogger who has become Catholic.  It is such a major factor in my life that I haven’t been able to restrict myself to blogging about the original topics of this blog, i.e. my art and craft.  Truth be told, I was never very good at staying on topic but recently it has become more noticeable.  Anyway, rather than abandoning my old content to start a whole new blog, I’ve tried to address the issue by stating the expanded scope of the blog in the subtitle.  Some people might find “Catholic Content” a bit misleading.  All I mean is that there is content written from a Catholic perspective, regardless of the topic, simply because the author is Catholic.

Btw, the header image is a little sombre so I may change it again when I get the chance.



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  1. I actually love the new header.

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  2. the Spirit is definitely moving in you, Sarah!!!

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    • I’m not sure what to say in reply, Julie! This is all new to me even after two years. I lived without God for decades so I’m still running on a bit of a new-convert high! I certainly want to let the Spirit move me wherever and however He wants. 🙂

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      • I think you’re doing a fine job Sarah!! Being open and available— our daughter-n-law interviewed yesterday for a teaching post at the Catholic school attached to Atlanta’s arch diocese-say a prayer that she gets it!! And that is my sign as to my own direction 😉

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      • Thanks, Julie, I will certainly say a prayer or two for your daughter-in-law. I’m intrigued by your hint; I hope it means what I think it means. 😀 I will pray for that too!


  3. Best wishes from this old American Presbyterian as we grow in faith. In 2016 I gave myself a writing assignment. Some days I copied a page, some days wrote nothing, other days half a page, others day three pages, maybe skip a few days then back to writing. Took me 11 months and filled 5 spiral notebook binders. I hand wrote the entire New Testament. I’m closer now. . .


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