Amnesty All Out For Abortion

I can’t believe I used to give money to these people.  Since when is killing babies a human right?  How can they spend so much more money promoting abortion than fighting against torture and other urgent human rights abuses?  Rather than spending money on abortion we should be spending it on providing better healthcare and support for all pregnant women around the world.

[Sources here, here and below]

Almost half of Amnesty International Ireland’s campaign money went on abortion promotion in 2016 with just 6% going on abolition of the death penalty and 15% on stopping torture.  Amnesty International’s spend in 2016 on abortion topped any other human rights work according an article in ‘The Sun’  October 2017 at nearly 50% of the total campaign funding.

‘Abortion is Amnesty International’s top campaign priority in Ireland – as charity spent €275k on the issue last year’ 6th October 2017:


(Good article though a little dated: Amnesty International Ireland, are still holding both out and on to the illegal money from George Soros’ Open Society: Meanwhile Bishop Fonsie Cullinan of Waterford diocese, has called for people to challenge the Standards in Public Office  / S.I.P.O. over the money saga with Amnesty)

.- Amnesty International is in no position to oppose an Irish law against foreign political funding now that it is under scrutiny for taking money from U.S. financier George Soros’ Open Society Foundations to target the country’s abortion restrictions, Irish pro-life advocates have said.

“The arrogance they have shown in the past few days on this issue is staggering. They are now trying to argue that they have a ‘human right’ to take money from billionaires to push to have abortion legalization in Ireland, while they also argue that preborn children should not have the most basic human right of all – the right to life,” Niamh Ui Bhriain, a spokesperson for the Irish-based Life Institute, told CNA Dec. 11.

She said the action shows the reliance of Irish pro-abortion rights campaigners on foreign funding. Millions of dollars in overseas funding have targeted Ireland’s pro-life laws for decades, as have other U.S. groups like the Center for Reproductive Rights.

“It’s made for a very un-level playing field in the abortion debate in Ireland,” she said.

The Republic of Ireland’s Standards in Public Office Commission has told the human rights and pro-abortion legalization group to return about $160,000 in funds to the Soros foundations. According to the commission, the money violated Irish law barring foreign donations to third party groups seeking to influence the outcome of a referendum campaign.

For the rest of the article see:


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  1. are you serious?? wow!!! I can’t believe this!!!


  2. Ohhh boy… the global stench of Soros’ seek-n-destroy mission to suffocate the world is oozing to the surface EVERYwhere, while his army of “useful idiots” and puppeiticians strive to earn their keep! Here in Canada, “king” Trudeau’s gov’t spends our money fighting fiercely against all who oppose abortion and all their other warped views!!! 😡 >.< … their warped views of HUMANkind 😛 Hard to believe it's barely been 2.5 years since that guy "took" office. :-/ Jackie@KWH

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    • I have noted with concern Canada’s fairly recent gallop to be at the cutting edge of all things warped. Euthanasia seems alarmingly popular, for example. It wasn’t that many years ago that I looked on Canada with admiration and daydreamed about living there. I’m amazed at how far and how fast it has succumbed to the madness. When will the Western world come to its senses?

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      • Yes… so sad… and so maddening! :-/ I remember the night he “won” the election. JT looked into the camera and I physically jumped in my seat at the sight of the “evil” twinkle in his eye… Like he was giving the “we dun it!” nod to whoever was instructing him from behind the curtain… I’ll never forget that! :O Most of us are against him, but he hides behind the old/dumb laws and holds the pen. I don’t suppose he’ll stop until Canada is a heap of hay 😡
        The only bright side to all the mayhem is that Jesus described it as a sign of His return! Reading the Bible and looking at the globalist’s mess has me looking up for Christ’s rapture of the Church… Maranatha!!!
        Heading out of town and hope you’re well, Sarah 🙂 💜 Jackie@KWH

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      • Yes, I’ve been watching the signs of the times too. I did a few posts last year on some of the more ominous ones. I know someone who had that same feeling you had about JT when Pope Francis came onto the balcony after his election. I’ve read about a few other people having the same reaction. It’s like the devil is making a last all-out attack before the end. As you probably know, we Catholics don’t have quite the same beliefs when it comes to the rapture but we certainly believe that “Christ will come again to judge the living and the dead” at the end.
        Enjoy your trip. Stay safe. God bless you and yours.

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