Irish Babies Need Your Prayers

Please watch this video.  It doesn’t contain any distressing images but it’s hard to watch without crying.  Ireland’s future as a caring nation is in jeopardy.  Please pray that its people vote to protect their most vulnerable citizens.


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  1. Thank you for sharing, Sarah.

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  2. Hi Sarah. Thank you for posting the vid. It was worth watching all 20 minutes of it. Very educational. Spreading prayers for Ireland and for the whole world. Perpetua

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  3. Had you not shared this I would have missed it. Thank you, Sarah. I have shared this in my Facebook, Joseph Sebastine.

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  4. I can no longer see the reply link, so I am responding to you down here 😉.

    The Church in Spain is in much the same precarious state as it is in the rest of Western Europe I’m afraid to say. But Catholicism here is very much a part of the historical and cultural life of Spain so that, on the whole, even mostly non-practicing Catholics participate in Catholic feast days, celebrations (such as processions, songs, fish days in Lent, etc.) There are still Catholic Churches in every village, shrines and crosses on roadsides, and a great devotion to Our Lady. With the growing of a godless, secular mindset at the same time, this is becoming a rather curious paradox!
    Most priests in Spain are pretty liberal, but you can still find good orthodox priests who defend the whole truth of Catholic teaching.


    I’m thrilled to see so many are passing around the great video from Voice of The Family. Just think how many thousands of innocent babies’ lives will be saved if it helps swing the votes to the defence of the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution of the Republic of Ireland!
    We must keep hammering hard at Heaven’s door with our prayers.

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    • Thanks for letting me know the situation in Spain. It sounds just like rural Ireland until just a few years ago. There seems to have been a rapid drop off in participation in just the last few years. I suspect it’s because people no longer feel the social pressure that they used to. The scales have tipped.
      The pro-life lobby is very strong and active in Ireland at the moment but it is up against very powerful enemies in the government, media and so on. It is indeed good to know that so many people around the world are watching and praying.

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  5. Thank-you for the video up-date on the situation in Ireland. I shall also be praying that the legislators find the Spirit guiding them as they vote when the time arrives.

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  6. I just wanted to let you know that I took a quick look and I now realize that you must have been referring to the questions regarding our “medically assisted suicides” or “voluntary euthanasia” debate that I was under the impression was still under way. I see now (I’ve been less than diligent in following the news these days) that the Trudeau government has already decided in favor of the measures, and passed laws governing the actions. I’ve just bookmarked the legislation for download (it’s rather lengthy as I assume it would need to be), and perhaps I would be best off saving any further comment until I’ve completely read what these idiots have done in the supposed interests of our country. I guess the previous sentence, however, should tell you, where I myself, a Christian, stood on this debate.

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  7. As far as I know, thousands of people have already been medically dispatched in Canada. So far I think it has mostly been elderly people with terminal cancer but it is a worryingly large uptake. It erodes people’s belief in the sanctity of life, just like abortion. We’re all becoming disposable. 😦


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