Icon O’Class

Here is a photo of most* of the participants of the recent icon course at Knock, Ireland.  The teacher is the tall guy in the middle at the back, and I’m third from right at the front (with my red painting pinny still on).


*A couple of people had to leave early so they didn’t make it into the group photo.

Here is a photo of my icon after I touched it up a little at home.


I have since coated it with a thin protective layer.  I have to wait at least six months for the tempera to harden before I can varnish it and protect it properly.  I will probably hang it on the wall to dry so that the cats don’t get at it.


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  1. Beautiful Sarah—and this art teacher loves that you still have on your apron—my kids would be so into what they were doing that when it was time for lunch, many of them forgot they were still wearing the aprons until they were “reminded” by the entire cafeteria 🙂

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  2. Absolutely beautiful!! God Bless, SR


  3. What a wonderful work of art, Sarah! You are so talented. Wish I could learn to make something as beautiful as this, especially because I have always loved icons. You can discover so many heavenly mysteries within them.

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