My Crummy Macramé

Not really.  It’s not perfect but it’s not crummy.  I just liked the wordplay.

It won’t surprise any of my regular readers that, given my love of all things knotty, one of the many crafts I’ve dabbled in is macramé.  One of my old projects resurfaced recently so I thought I’d try another.  Here are some photos of the old kit and the project that I did as a teenager.



As often happens with me, I didn’t have all the right materials so I had to improvise. I only had three beads so I ended up with something that looks like a weird face.macrame3

When I was in Romania I bought an elasticated bracelet off a little old lady.  After a while I added my devotional medals to it.  After wearing it every day for months the elastic I added started to give up the ghost.


I was sad not to be able to wear it any more so I decided to restore the Romanian bracelet and make a new macramé bracelet for my medals.macrame5macrame6macrame7macrame8

Here is the video tutorial I used.  I changed the fastening because I wasn’t sure that my yarn would melt and seal like the one in the video.


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  1. Sarah, you are brilliant in craft artistry. Your video, pictures and easy instructions makes it look so simple and interesting. Your efforts deserve more wider coverage as, I believe, your efforts would inspire many. Brilliant!

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  2. Wow, that is so good!

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  3. Love, love the medals bracelet!!!!
    Now macrame takes me back to my girl scout days with everyone in the early 70’s making hangings for hanging baskets—
    And not being one who is “crafty” with thread—I do marvel at your “gift” of fingers as well as vision!!!

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  4. I love that bracelet. I loved the line, “I ended up with something that looked like a weird face.” LOL!!!!

    I like to draw and my Mom had Alzheimer’s, so for five years I had to give it up. So after she passed away I decided to try it again. I began with a dog, which I have always been able to draw animals. For some reason, every nose I put on that dog looked like a pig!!!!!

    I got so frustrated I finally just quit trying to draw that dog. I cannot tell you how many noses I drew. Again loved the bracelet and even the “weird face.” God Bless, SR

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  5. you’re so crafty & artistic,
    if not crumby 🙂

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