Dad’s Dahlias

I just went back to the UK for a week to see my folks.  First I visited my dad and his wife in North Wales where I grew up.  Then I visited my mum in Lancashire, where she grew up.  I didn’t take enough photos but I just had to get my camera out for my dad’s amazing dahlias.  There were only a few but one of them was absolutely huge.  Dad says they all end up like that.  The rest of the flowers in his lovely little gardens had gone over, and the next flush was yet to appear so I timed the visit a little badly from that point of view.  So here without further ado are a few photos of my dad’s dahlias:


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  1. Gorgeous and so big, I love them!

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  2. Beautiful–and not easy to grow.

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    • Thanks Ellen. My dad has green fingers. I was never brave enough to try them myself. Do you garden?

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      • I do, in a sporadic, never-quite-enough sort of way. It’s all pretty weedy right now, and sluggy, but it’s still green and feeding us lettuce and spinach. I’m thinking I should only grown things the slugs don’t like. Except lettuce, which I’ll have to fight for.

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      • Same here.
        Have you tried beer traps? My slugs love the cheapest lager I can find in Aldi. I like to think it’s a good way to die, and you don’t have to worry about what the pellets are doing to the wildlife.

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  3. I did try them, but they didn’t make much of a dent and I had to pour out disgusting sluggy sludge. Which reminds me: It’s almost dark and I should go out a-slaughtering. When I can make myself, I go out with a scissors…. You can fill in the rest for yourself, I’m sure.


    • I used to use my secateurs for the same job but I haven’t got the stomach for it any more. I put up with disgusting slug soup instead. If I can eat Weetabix I guess slimy, smelly sludge isn’t going to phase me, eh? 😉


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