DIY Chaplet

You’ve probably all seen a set of rosary beads, even if it’s just on the telly.  Different sets of prayers can be said using a standard set of beads but some sets of prayers need a different arrangement of beads, which are called chaplets.  Here are some of my sets of beads:


The one on the left is a standard rosary.  It glows in the dark, making it easy to find at night.  The blue set is for a set of prayers called the Little Crown of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  I only use the black set once a year.  It’s mentioned in the video below which explains the difference between rosaries and chaplets:

I wanted a new set of beads for saying the Chaplet of the Holy Face but I didn’t think they would have a set in my local shops so I decided to make one.  I only had tiny beads so I wondered if I could make beads using knots or crochet.  The crochet ones I found were a bit naff but I found some terrific videos on how to make knotted rosaries (see below for one of these videos).  However, I didn’t have thick enough cord so my attempts were an absolute mess.

Then I had more than one hint that it is the quality of prayer, not the quantity, that matters so I dropped the whole idea for a while.  The need to pray the Chaplet didn’t go away though so I prayed to Our Lady that if she approved of me praying the Chaplet then I would need to be given beads.  A couple of days later I was given three old rosaries that were no longer wanted – so I now had lots of beads.  I took that as a sign that I should make my own chaplet, and here it is:


Interestingly, when I showed it to my husband he asked me pointedly where I’d got the Holy Face medal from.  I admitted sheepishly that I had found it in our icon corner (a communal prayer space in our house) and had used it without asking.  He didn’t mind but he was asking because when he knelt for prayer at a church* where they have Perpetual Adoration he found a Holy Face medal by his knee.  He knows my interest in the Holy Face devotion so he brought it home.  When one asks Our Lady for something she certainly doesn’t hold back!

*This church is in Tooreen where the devil is reputed to have paid a visit to the Dance Hall in the Fifties.  (The Dance Hall is still there, I’ve had tea and nibbles there.)


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  1. Your chaplet looks wonderful, Sarah. I hope the devil wasn’t visiting when you had your tea and nibbles at The Dance Hall!

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  2. Very beautiful and they look very well-made too! We all need “weapons” that are strong and tough enough to take all the prayers said with them! Well-done Sarah! (Great tutorials too)

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