Anglian-era York at the York Festival of Ideas

If you’re in the UK in June you might want to check out this interesting-looking festival in York…

For the Wynn

The 2017 York Festival of Ideas will be running from 6-18 June, with the title The Story of Things. With a number of the events relating to York’s Anglian era, I was asked to translate a small number of Anglo-Saxon riddles to decorate the promotional bookmarks for this strand of the festival.


The three riddles, which are found in the tenth-century poetic anthology known as the Exeter Book, were selected and translated by me, and then beautifully copied by calligraphers Sue Sparrow, Louise May and Jane Jenkins.

DSC_0010.JPGExeter Riddle 47

Solutions to the riddles can be found on the Festival’s website.

DSC_0011.JPGRiddle no. 85

I will be posting a blogpost on the poems, and my choices as a translator, just before the opening of the Festival.

DSC_0012.JPGRiddle no. 51

In the meantime, why not take a look at the full list of Anglian-era events here?

IMG_20170325_155437The York…

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  1. I love this —sadly I will no where near York in June–I miss all the good stuff!!

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