Knock Crosses

I took these three photos just before Mass this morning because these scenes fill me with joy, and I wanted to share them.

You might think that it is a strange time of the year to be thinking about the cross, and I was wondering about that too.  However, when I found out at Mass that today is the Feast of St. John of the Cross it started to make more sense.  When I came out, I decided to give you an idea of just how many crosses there are in Knock.  As in life, so in Knock – it is hard to escape the cross.


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  1. Lovely church and cemetery. actually, it is a good time to be thinking of the cross. God loved us so much he sent his only son to die for us and that his son, was willing to die is a miracle to me, every day

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  2. I’ve always said that the road to Bethlehem leads directly to the Via Dolorosa
    Missing my dose of old celtic crosses to be sure!!


    • Interesting. 🙂 Could you elaborate on that a little for me (because I’m new to all this, as you know)?
      I hope you get to see the Celtic crosses again soon.


      • the Via Dolorosa is the road in Jerusalem that Jesus walked the way of the cross… on his journey to Golgotha…
        There is a song by the same name and when I was much younger, I heard it sang so beautifully by Sandi Patty, a Christian singer..
        I’ve provided a youtube link to her singing the song albeit a more current rendition…

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      • Thanks for the link. 🙂 Great song. ❤
        I was actually thinking more about your idea on the direct link between the nativity and the passion of Christ.


  3. Early days for me but I feel a drift towards Catholicism. I don’t feel a comfortable fit under a protestant banner. Often sit, pray, contemplate in the catholic cathedral in Sheffield. It’s beginning to feel right. Sorry. I’m a bit off subject.


    • Wow Simon! That’s a bit counter-cultural of you. 😉 Seriously, that is wonderful to hear. I’m excited for you. You probably know more than I did in the beginning but, even so, I doubt you are fully aware of all the amazing riches that are waiting for you if you “drift” closer. The Church is a treasure chest of history, epic struggles, tradition, wonder, consolation and, of course, salvation.

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    • Simon682,

      Just make sure that your “drift towards Catholicism” doesn’t take you bang into the middle of a modernist diocese! Check out the prophecies of Fatima about the diabolical disorientation to come in the Church and the world and visit to find answers to key questions about the traditional Catholic Faith.

      I’m sure Sarah won’t mind me encouraging you to explore the Faith thoroughly to avoid ending up being a “Protestant Catholic” – we have enough of those right now, most of whom were baptised into the Church as infants but have gone along with the Vatican II revolution.

      God bless.

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      • Thanks for the input, Editor. I didn’t want to put Simon off at this early stage but you’re right to warn him (and anybody else who spots your comment) of the dangers.
        I have only hinted at the problems on my blog because it is primarily a blog about the things that I make. Nowadays the things I make tend to revolve around my faith so my blog has become another way to spread the good news but I like to focus on beauty and leave the ugliness for other people to talk about. However, if I think individuals that I come across are ready for the ugliness then I most definitely warn them.
        It is an exciting time to be around, don’t you think? There is a struggle of epic proportions going on, and most people are oblivious. Be assured, I will do my part to correct that as best I can. Thank you again.


      • Quite a feast of assumptions!


      • Hi Simon, I think you’re replying to the Editor but since you could be replying to me I want to apologise for any assumptions I’ve made, and any offence caused thereby.


      • No I am not offended by anything you have written. In fact, just the opposite. My apologies for responding to a comment added by someone else. Sometimes it’s wiser to ignore the ignorable. With best wishes. Simon

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  4. It is good to stay near to and not stray from the Cross! 😉 🙂 💜 Jackie@KWH

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