Familiar words can have different meanings in Catholicism.  “Passion” refers to the sufferings of Jesus after the Last Supper.  The passion flower has been taken to symbolise these sufferings.  For example, the five anthers are said to represent Christ’s five wounds and the three stigma the nails.  I thought I’d try to draw a passion flower halo for my Tree of Life design with the 72 radiating tendrils representing the crown of thorns.  Today is the Feast of Christ the King.  A king who has thorns for his crown.  A king who is not only just, but also merciful.  A king who loves us more than we love ourselves.


I’ve also done some more work on the border.



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  1. Sarah, this is lovely. Do you sell your work or perhaps considered a book?
    I just love what you do….

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  2. It’s coming together beautifully Sarah!! I love your representations and can’t wait to see the finished artwork 🙂


  3. A very beautiful, intricately rendered and as always, thoughtful piece.

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