Faith in Wales

When people begin asking questions about the meaning of life, about the significance of things, they begin to touch on religious questions, but in general, people are not asking these questions, and I say this as one who has taught religious education for fifteen years here in Wales, and who has lived in this society most of his life.

Heiromonk Deiniol

This is a quote from an interesting article, which is itself an extract from a larger article by the Road to Emmaus magazine.Β  It gives an overview of the history of Christianity in Wales, and of the current situation there with regards to faith.


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  1. OMGoodness! what a very interesting read and what a cool dude!! As you already know my religious standing, I still found this article so interesting to read, how things came about, changed and the goals of the mission to let people find their ”way back” Thanks for sharing Sarah πŸ™‚

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    • I’m so glad you found it interesting, Caren. Even if one is not religious, the history of religion has some powerful stories. Humans have a natural instinct to want to answer existential questions, and it’s interesting to see how we’ve tried to do that over the years.

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