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They arrived today.  We don’t have post in Ireland at the weekend.  Well, this rural part of Ireland anyway, I don’t know about the rest.  Anyway, I digress.  Look at these lovelies:


Thank you Jane.  ❤  The parcel smelled fabulous, even though my candles are unscented.  Your kitchen must be a delight to work in.


Getting ready to head off to the lovely Sarah in Ireland

Don’t these look lovely? Jealous? 😀
Why not head over to Jane’s blog and help get her new business flying by treating yourself to some delicious goodies. And you’d be supporting a bee charity. It’s a win-win-win situation!

Natures Gifts and Candles

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Familiar words can have different meanings in Catholicism.  “Passion” refers to the sufferings of Jesus after the Last Supper.  The passion flower has been taken to symbolise these sufferings.  For example, the five anthers are said to represent Christ’s five wounds and the three stigma the nails.  I thought I’d try to draw a passion flower halo for my Tree of Life design with the 72 radiating tendrils representing the crown of thorns.  Today is the Feast of Christ the King.  A king who has thorns for his crown.  A king who is not only just, but also merciful.  A king who loves us more than we love ourselves.


I’ve also done some more work on the border.


My New Hero

Raymond Leo Cardinal BurkeThe Sunday before last, I was privileged to be able to go to a Pontifical Mass celebrated by His Eminence Raymond Cardinal Burke (pictured). However, that’s not what made him my new hero. The Catholic world has been in crisis since the Second Vatican Council in the Sixties, and Cardinal Burke, along with three other Cardinals, has just made a significant step in resolving that crisis.  He is the only Cardinal of the four who is not retired.  He has already been demoted and sidelined by the Vatican for his conservative stance.  He risks further reprisals with this latest move, even though what he is doing is absolutely legitimate and even a requirement of his position as Cardinal.  May God rain blessings down on this very brave man.

Sacred Music

I have a feeling that some of you might be in need of some soothing music today.

The YouTube channel “Callixtus”  has a nice selection of sacred (Christian) music illustrated with sacred art.

Faith in Wales

When people begin asking questions about the meaning of life, about the significance of things, they begin to touch on religious questions, but in general, people are not asking these questions, and I say this as one who has taught religious education for fifteen years here in Wales, and who has lived in this society most of his life.

Heiromonk Deiniol

This is a quote from an interesting article, which is itself an extract from a larger article by the Road to Emmaus magazine.  It gives an overview of the history of Christianity in Wales, and of the current situation there with regards to faith.