Je suis revenu

I didn’t have the time to line up artistic shots but here are some quick snaps I took while I was in Normandy.  (As usual, I haven’t included any identifiable photos of my companions, out of respect for their privacy.)  Because the photos may take a while to load I’m going to split them into batches.  The snaps in this post were taken at Saint George’s Abbey, Saint-Martin-de-Boscherville.  As you will see, we took the Irish sky with us. 🙂

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  1. Many say that fire was man’s greatest discovery. When I look at cathedrals it is definitely the use of arches. Amazing.

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  2. I see there is a little mini series of pics from your adventures 😀 These are amazing ~ such beautiful architecture and a colour of sky I am so accustomed to in the north of England for most of the year ;-/ I hope you had an awesome trip of a lifetime Sarah?! Going to hop on to the next posts right now 🙂

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  3. Magnificent architecture, lovely photos.


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