Je suis revenu – part 4

The last batch of photos were taken in Rouen.

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  1. Magnificent photos, Sarah. I suspect you had rather a wonderful time!


  2. Oh WOW!!! again 🙂 Such beautiful craftsmanship to build those amazing structures all those centuries ago! It kind of reminds me a little of an Oxford skyline with all those spires 😉
    I have no doubt this was a very special trip for you Sarah and those memories of the visit will be treasured and last a lifetime !

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    • That’s very true Caren. ❤ I will treasure these memories for a long time.
      The masonry is just fabulous, isn't it? I could hardly believe how delicate Rouen cathedral looked.

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      • It certainly is a most beautiful building and to a degree I bet it couldn’t be replicated in our day and age. There were such skilled masons in those days and the cost would kill a project now before it even got started ~ preserving history for many future generations is so important.


      • Yes, sad to say, we think we’re so advanced but our big buildings are so crude compared to these. And, as you point out, we won’t pay out big money for beauty’s sake any more.

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      • It is such a shame and to be honest, many of today’s buildings are really not only crude, but, down right ugly ~ well that’s my opinion. We just wouldn’t have the skilled workforce en mass these days either! All the more reason why these precious buildings should be preserved and admired 🙂

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      • Yes, there are a lot of ugly buildings around, and some of them are churches, sad to say. We definitely need to save the old buildings to give future generations something to aspire to. 🙂

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      • Here, here I most definitely agree Sarah! 🙂

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