Je vais en France

This blog is going to be quiet for a while because I’m off to France on Thursday.  It’s not a holiday though.  I’m going on a pilgrimage to Lisieux where one of my patroness saints, St. Thérèse, spent her last years on earth.  We’ll be staying in Rouen, where we’ll also be honouring St. Joan of Arc who was martyred there.



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  1. God be with you on your pilgrimage…I hope St. Therese sends you “a shower of roses” in graces!


  2. May you walk in Grace.


    • Thank you Sarah.:) I’m not a good traveler so it will be a bit of a trial for me but I’m told that Rouen is beautiful. I’m looking forward to seeing the old churches and so on.

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  3. safe journey and we’ll see you when you return –

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  4. Safe journey and safe return. God bless you on your faith journey.

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  5. Enjoy the trip, it should be very interesting and inspiring for you.


  6. Have a wonderful time Sarah…I hope your visit is very fulfilling 🙂

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  7. This is wonderful. I’m so glad you have the opportunity to make this journey. I know there will be rewards.

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  8. Thank you for your prayers. I looked at the angel card drawn for me this morning and it was the St. Therese of Lisieux card. I definitely needed to hear the message given this morning. ❤

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