Spiraling Out of Control

Maybe I’m addled from drawing too many spirals but this is starting to look like a face to me. I’m calling her Ermintrude. 😀 spirals


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  1. I think Ermintrude is smoking a cigarette in a holder!

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  2. Most interesting name. Ermintrude definitely has a mouthful.

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  3. So beautiful! You are a talented woman:)

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  4. Beautiful and unusual piece of Celtic art, with an usual but wonderful name. I am really glad that I found your blog, as I am really loving it. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.


  5. LoL … looks kinda like E could be playing the french horn! 😉 💜 Jackie@KWH


  6. LOL 😀 I love it Sarah !! You have such a talent in your pen work and this is so unique! ”Spiralling out of control” could have you create a whole new set of wondrous faces ~ As you say, an orchestra of weird critters would be amazing! Can’t wait to see more 😉


    • Thanks Caren. ❤ I'm actually hoping the face will fade away as I add more detail. If I see any more pop up as I go along I will certainly post them.

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      • I think it’s great when the unexpected happens mid way through a creative drawing, always such fun! And great to read other’s interpretations too 😉 lol I’m kind of hoping a few more quirky features show up along the way and would love you to capture their ‘moment in time’ before they get lost in the final stages of your wonderful artworks ;-D

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      • Thanks Caren. I’ll be sure to share any more oddities that pop up. 🙂

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  7. out of control
    yet, quite skillful 🙂


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