Tree of Life – Sketch

Today is the day Catholics celebrate the cross with a Feast that used to be called Rood Mass.  One reason we celebrate the cross is because it demonstrates God’s great love for us.  As Saint Catherine of Siena says:

Nails were not enough to hold the God-Man nailed and fastened on the Cross, had not love held Him there.

Or, as John’s gospel says:


This is the sketch I made for my Tree of Life drawing that I mentioned in an earlier post. The body of Christ is traced from a photo of a crucifix.  That’s why it looks better than the rest of the sketch.  🙂


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  1. Lovely! And beautiful quote by St. Catherine of Sienna; I’ve never read that before.


  2. Have hand written Matt, Mk, Lk and Jn. Just finished chapt 6 Acts.

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  3. i experience
    a deep expression 🙂


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