Getting Knotted #2

(For #1 click here.)

This post was inspired by a wonderful lady called Myra who started a blog to showcase her mother’s amazingly realistic crochet flowers.  I mentioned to her that I used to do macramé so she suggested I try Chinese knotting by following this video:

So I grabbed the first thick yarn I could find…  String vest cotton leftover from my dear nan‘s hoard.  😀


It wasn’t ideal but I had a go…

But I couldn’t stop there.  It’s just too much fun, and there are loads of knotting videos on YouTube.  Besides, I’d always wanted to know how to tie a monkey’s fist knot, so I went on a knotting binge.  Here’s another video I used, this time in English:

The string vest cotton wasn’t working out too well (although it would make a lovely soft vest – I’m almost tempted to make one).  So I scrounged around and found an old cord off a blind…

Thank you Myra, I had great fun!  😀


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  1. Amazing what beauty you can get out of a bit of string.

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  2. The videos make it look so easy! I wonder how many generations it has passed down to be so proficients at making these knots? Sound like you had great fun making them and no doubt many more examples to see from you 😉 By the time you’ve done, probably none of your blinds will work!! LOL ;-D

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    • LOL! I know you’re great at making the best use of the materials you have in your stash but I bet you know the feeling of being desperate to try out a project without the necessary materials. The blind had been thrown out years ago – I just kept the cord for my string stash. Do you have a place where you keep odd bits of string?
      Are you tempted to try Chinese knotting?


      • LOL …sometimes, a bit of borrowing from around the house is called for 😉 My Mother-in-law is a great one for keeping all her string from gift bags ,I tend to reuse the bag again, though she prefers to dismantle them after one use and keeps all the bits for my craft boxes! It’s a shame they’re not longer …they’d be ideal to try out the Chinese Knotting


      • Yes, I re-use the gift bags too but I’m a bit of a dismantler like your mother-in-law too (hence the cord off the blind). I don’t like to throw something away if it might come in handy later. The old blind also yielded a long metal pole that I used as a stake for a young tree.
        Yes, those gift bags often have really nice handles. It would be hard to work in a gift bag factory and not “play” with the cords! 🙂

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      • It’s lovely to know that you are like me and hoard a host of objects to be used for random tasks 😉 If ever we downsize a couple of skips wouldn’t be enough for my accumulations…I think I’d have to have half a landfill site..though that would be such a shame, Much rather it went to other hoarders lol!
        I suspect if someone could give you a voucher for a weeks work in a cord factory…You would be SOOO happy ;-D

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      • My hoard has shrunk over the years due to spousal pressure. 🙂 Some of it did end up in skips.
        LOL If I got the chance to play in a cord factory I think they’d kick me out very quickly! I’d have the place tangled up in so many knots!

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      • If Dearest had his way, I think most of mine would be sent packing…he’s very tolerant, specially at the moment as the place looks like a whirlwind has just hit (well, to be honest it’s looked like this for a couple of weeks, since I’ve has Christmas crafting on the go ;-/) Tomorrow I have plans to strip down clean and put back in a more orderly fashion, before I make anything else 😉
        LOL What a dream though eh!! Maybe they could just sit you in a quiet corner with your own bag full of cord…Happy Days 😉


      • You’re very lucky. 🙂
        Happy days indeed!
        I dream of having my own workroom where I can make as much mess as I like, and then just lock the door on it. 🙂

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      • I certainly am, thanks Sarah.
        Do you know, I had the conservatory torn apart from 8.0 am this morning…2 hours later…..not a dust bunny in sight 😉 and, the windows are gleaming 😀 The chaos is now much more orderly….let the crafting continue!!!! LOL
        I hope you get your dream creative room someday soon Sarah!! I too would love a space I could leave.. as is.. when I shut the door, rather than my studio being part of the family space….it’s ok most of the time but come family gatherings or Christmas, it’s a nightmare to try and hide and clean;-/ What I wouldn’t give for a sorcerer’s wand!!


      • Or a twitchy nose like Samantha in Bewitched? 😀
        It’s wonderful to get things tidy (I felt a vicarious feeling of satisfaction from your description) but to be able to leave things messy for a while would also be great. I tend to end up somewhere in the middle – controlled chaos with islands of tidiness. 🙂

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      • LOL Thanks Sarah ;-D I love the thought of little islands of tidiness …you can hop between them for a little escape!!
        I used to love watching Bewitched when I was little..goodness, seems a lifetime ago now 😉

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      • They’re very small islands. 😉
        Bewitched looks so dated now doesn’t it? It’s weird to think of how the world has changed since then.

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      • It really does look very dated when you catch on odd episode being screened. Looking back some 40 years with rose tinted glasses (and of course being young) life seemed so much happier and laid back then….though the fashion maybe leaves a bit to be desired lol 😉

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      • Yes, peering into the mists of our youth does tend to bring on that rosy hue. 🙂

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  3. Those are pretty nice knots, Sarah 🙂
    Myra is such an effervescent source of inspiration!
    I’ve always wanted to try decorative knotting…
    But at least for today, it’s just fun to pin and share
    this post on my blog’s fb page! 🙂 💜 Jackie@KWH

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