Key Pattern and Bees

First the bees.  Please could you take a minute or two to help keep a bee-killing insecticide out of Ireland?  Here is a link to the petition.  Thanks in advance to all those who take the time to sign it.  😀

I’ve got two art projects queued up at the moment.  I plan to do a painting based on the Holy Face drawing I did recently.  The other project is a digital drawing which I’m calling the Tree of Life.  These are both intricate works which will take a long time to finish.  For that reason I’m going to share progress reports as I go along rather than waiting to show you the finished pieces.

So far, all I’ve done for the painting is to set up a drawing board to prop the painting up.  I’m going to be painting on an MDF board that I prepared last year (or maybe even the year before that, I can’t remember) with several layers of (sanded-down) gesso.  I’ve never used this kind of surface before so it will be interesting to see how it goes.

I’ve done quite a few embarrassingly crude pencil sketches for my Tree of Life design.  Here is the first tiny piece that I’ve polished up in the digital version.  It is a panel inside one of the first of the illuminated letters I’m going to use.

The hard part was the grid, shown in green in the left-hand image.  It took me four tries to get it right.  It’s based on a design in George Bain’s book on Celtic Art that I mentioned in a previous post.  His design is in turn based on what he calls a key pattern found on a Pictish cross-slab called the Nigg Stone.  According to Bain:

The evidences available [Bain is writing in the 1950’s] show that the key patterns of Britain and Ireland arrived many centuries before the Romans, and that the peoples who brought them made contacts in their migrations with the tribes that later became the makers of the Greek Empire.

P.S. There’s a scheduled power outage in our area today so I won’t be able to reply to comments until the evening.

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  1. I’ve signed the petition. And can see the complexity (and beauty) of what appears, at first, to be a simple grid. I’ll follow your progress with interest.

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  2. Petition signed, bees are so endangered. Good luck with the drawings.


  3. Signed the petition, my Dear Sarah, and happy that I could do that. On different engines, they do not accept votes from other countries.

    Next, You call this a ‘Simple Pattern!’ It is Beautiful. Am sure the finished one would be Very Good. All the Best in that. Love and Regards. 🙂


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