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Given that my blog has a new flavour, I wanted to draw a new background for it.  I produced a Celtic version of images that are important to me.  The Holy Face is represented with a consecrated host, i.e. the Blessed Sacrament in which Jesus Christ is present under the appearance of bread.  These two images appear on a Catholic medal associated with devotion to the Holy Face.

There is a link between the Holy Face and consecrated bread that goes all the way back through Old Testament times.  The Bread of the Presence, or the Bread of the Face, is first mentioned in the Bible when, during the exodus from Egypt, God instructs Moses on how He is to be worshipped.  In the time of Jesus it was the custom for Jewish men to visit the temple in Jerusalem three times a year for the feasts of Passover, Pentecost and Tabernacles.  On these occasions the Temple priests would bring out the Bread of the Presence and raise it up for the men to see it.  In this way they fulfilled the instructions in the Book of Exodus: “three times a year shall all your males see the face of the Lord”.  For more on this see Chapter 5 of Brant Pitre’s book called “Jesus and the Jewish Roots of the Eucharist”.


The letters “IHS” are a Christogram.  I used to think they stood for “In His Service” but they are actually the English versions of the first three letters of Jesus’ name in Greek.  The bar over the ‘h’ is meant to indicate an abbreviation.

The spiral designs were inspired by George Bain‘s book on “Celtic Art – The Methods of Construction”.  The book was first published in 1951 but it is still in print and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in this art form.  My copy was given to me by a dear old neighbour of mine in Wales, on a trip back home a few years ago.  I was admiring the love spoons my neighbour had carved for his wife, now sadly deceased, and we began discussing our mutual interest in Celtic art.  Unfortunately, he is losing his eyesight so he is not able to do any more carving, and he passed the book on to me so that I could make use of it.  I’m very grateful, it is a beautiful book.

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  1. Amazing and very inspired artwork Sarah (though not at all religious ~ as you know) Your design looks fabulous,such intricate drawings to produce the interconnected Celtic design and what a kind friend from back in Wales to pass on his much loved book, he certainly gave it to one he knows will make great use of it 😉


    • Thanks Caren. 🙂 I’m glad you like it. My neighbour is a lovely man, my favourite Welshman. He has lots of interesting and inspiring stories. He’s almost blind now but he’s always on the trains and buses travelling the length and breadth of the British Isles because he gets bored and lonely at home.

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      • Aaww…he sounds lovely, but also very lonely after losing his wife! But…Good for him on getting around and about so much even with his deteriorating eyesight, I bet you look forward to seeing him and hearing about his travel tales on your visits back to Wales?! 😉


      • Yes, he misses his wife terribly, she was a lovely lady. He’s very brave but I think he probably worries his children a little with his adventures. He’s even been over here to Ireland and we met up for a flying visit.

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      • What a dear chap he sounds! I can certainly understand his family’s worry’s…yet, he is making the very most of his own life too! I bet it was so nice to see him on your side of the water 🙂


      • Yes, it was lovely to see him here and to show him around a little. 🙂
        I hope the reason that you’re still MIA on your blog is that you’re having far too much fun in the “real world”. 😀

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      • I hope he managers to come back soon and sees what you’ve achieved with the use of his book Sarah 😉
        Life is….as ever, hard but good too 😉 The fun part has been sharing time with children as they pass through… still have a couple of weeks left with youngest before he embarks on his Master’s Degree!
        I admit to being rubbish of late with my blogging ;-/ betwixt and between, whether, to start a new one, or, carry this one forward???? Plus, seem to have spent the whole of summer squirrelled away making Christmas Place Mats as a distraction from deciding on my blog LOL 😀
        Hope you and Yours are all fine and doing well?!
        I can very much see how your new Blog has given you inner strength and pleasure and really love your new artwork…very inspired 🙂


      • Thanks Caren, this was one of those pieces that was hard to start but once I got started it just flowed out. 🙂 I love it when that happens.
        I hope you continue blogging, for purely selfish reasons – I love to see your creations and it’s nice to keep in touch with blogging friends. You could always keep your blog but change the Theme or something like that. If you give your blog a new look that might inspire you to carry on…
        But, you know, if blogging is not for you any more I completely understand. I went through the same deliberations and nearly gave it up.
        Glad to hear life is going well for you. Life here is grand. Son is back off to uni today, daughter back in school on Thursday. We’re all half up and half down, if you know what I mean. Except daughter – mostly down about the end of summer holidays. 😉

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      • Now you are newly inspired Sarah, both in your art and on your blog, I look forward very much to seeing what comes next 🙂
        For the most part, I really do still enjoy blog land, though as you know, of late, I have been more an observer, enjoying what others are up to, with time being stretched all ways of late, I have also been a little lazy getting my stuff uploaded ;-/ and doing posts. Thank you so much too for your lovely comments, I agree to also enjoying keeping in touch and have just specially added some media,…so, I am indeed a step closer to a new post lol 😉
        I know exactly where you are coming from with the ups and downs, still have another few days with son, then the downs will definitely hit when he’s back in uni too….
        Right!! I’m off to get some draft posts lined up ;-D

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      • I look forward to seeing your new posts Caren. 🙂

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  2. Sarah, This is absolutely beautiful! And I love this post about the Bread of the Presence/Bread of the Face of God–Dr. Pitre’s book is excellent….the connection to the Face of God is so important! God bless you for sharing it!

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    • Thank you so much for visiting my blog Patricia, and for your kind comments. I’m a recent convert so I’m only just finding out about all the amazing treasures of the Catholic faith. I have a devotion to the Holy Face through the Little Flower so I’ve been enjoying exploring your blog and all the fantastic links you provide. I will be back often. 🙂
      By the way, I don’t know if you’re aware but the link to your blog from the Gravatar that appears when you ‘like’ a post is linked to which is not working.
      May God send you many blessings on your pilgrimage, and I will pray for your family and friends in the floods.

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  3. Hello, Sarah! Went to Your link on ‘love spoons,’ and I particularly like the GIF they have presented, the one revolving on the side bar. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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