Digital Vatican Library

I’ve just come across a great resource for people interested in old manuscripts.  Here is a link to the first manuscript I came across, an Anglo-Saxon bible.  Unfortunately, I can’t show you any of the exquisite lettering and illumination here because the images are copyrighted.

By the way, if you go to page 76v of the aforementioned book you will see what may be the first documented reference to “soccer”.  😉  I must brush up on my Latin…


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  1. Thank You, my Dear Sarah! Now I know that We can play Soccer with a Clear Conscience, and that very possibly it is also played in heaven! Haha!

    During my Seminary days, not that We got to see any manuscripts, but I have been fortunate to have books that have great photographs, and better than that, Very Good Professors.

    Regards and Love! 🙂

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    • 😀
      Sometimes books with photographs are better than the real thing. We have a famous old book of the gospels, called the Book of Kells, in Dublin but the public only gets to see one or two pages. We’re not allowed to touch it to turn the pages.
      Did you ever go to Rome or the Holy Land? I haven’t been to either yet but I’d like to go some day.

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      • Yes, one ‘has’ to appreciate the value of pictures or photographs. Like the ‘Today’s English Version’ of the Bible, by the Bible society of India, which carries a lot of line drawings by a really good artist, the Swiss Annie Vallotton. Really helpful, both in locating AND in understanding!

        Never been out of India, except to Nepal, which does not need a passport/visa from Indians.

        Hearty Regards, my Dear Sara! 🙂


      • Sadly we don’t really have illustrated bibles here. They put pictures in children’s bibles but the text is usually watered down. I have a photocopy of an old catechism that has quite good black and white illustrations but I don’t know who the artist is. I did a sketch of the one for the Annunciation because I liked the composition. I might post it on my blog sometime.
        I’m not very widely travelled myself, for a Westerner. I didn’t leave the UK mainland until I was in my early twenties. My mother has only ever been out of the UK to come and see me here in Ireland. And the UK is a bit smaller than India! 😉


      • Pictures help us fix ideas in mind, which is why every advertisement has them, and not just text! Pictures in Bibles would help indeed!

        As for travelling, I don’t regret not having been able to go abroad. There are So many interesting places and things in Our Own countries! 🙂

        Hearty Regards.


      • Yes, pictures are great communication aids.
        There are indeed plenty of interesting places to explore in our own countries. It would take me a long time to see everything I want to see in Britain, and it’s only small. 🙂

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      • Well said, my Dear Sarah! 🙂

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