Knot Experiments and Sci-Fi Flora

I tried some knots on paper for my magpie project.


Then I tried with Krita:


It looks okay close-up but the detail disappears when the magpie is smaller.

And this last photo might seem a bit random but I told Colleen that I would post a photo of my latest plant purchase.  I thought it looked like it belonged in an episode of Star Trek.  What do you think?




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  1. Thanks Sarah. Yes it does have a sci-fi appearance. It reminds me of the flower in the movie Jumanji. I’m sure though it is actually a very loving plant. ❤

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  2. Wonderful Knot work sketches and love the Krita developments Sarah 🙂 Such beautiful lilies, I’ve never seen that combination of colours before! If you are still undigested (LOL)?…I reckon they are perfect!


    • Thanks Caren. 🙂 It seems the lilies are pacifists, they even provide the slugs and snails with a banquet. 😦 Naughty, slimy blighters don’t even have the decency to wait for the buds to open.

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