Monthly Archives: June 2016

Knot Experiments and Sci-Fi Flora

I tried some knots on paper for my magpie project.


Then I tried with Krita:


It looks okay close-up but the detail disappears when the magpie is smaller.

And this last photo might seem a bit random but I told Colleen that I would post a photo of my latest plant purchase.  I thought it looked like it belonged in an episode of Star Trek.  What do you think?




My Knot It Has Three Corners

When I opened my sketchbook to work on my new project I found some sketches that I had forgotten about.  A couple of months ago I wanted to try to convert a four-cornered knot into a three-cornered knot.  I thought the result was a bit wonky so I didn’t post it but now it’s grown on me.  Here is the tracing paper I used to start the design and to transfer it between versions:


And here are the three versions I ended up with:

And if you’re confused by the weird title, see the explanation posted here.

Modern Magpie

I haven’t been visiting blogland very much lately.  And I haven’t done much in the way of art or craft for a few months because my energy and focus have been diverted elsewhere.  However, a new project recently presented itself to me.  The first step was to produce a digital version of my magpie design, which I did using the free software Krita:

Now I need to somehow incorporate knotwork into the design.  It’s going to be tricky.

I look forward to catching up with you all soon.