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Love brings More Happiness than Money

Baba’s post below reminds me of the Lesson of the Widow’s Mite ('s_mite). May it inspire us all to give more. [Update: Just to get things into perspective for you, Yesudas’ stated income for December of 4000 rupees is worth about 55 Euro or 60 US dollars at the moment.]
May all reading this have a joyful 2016, full of love and giving. 😀


So Ok, I do feel happy when I have a cup of Coffee, or have something nice to eat, like a Samosa.

Indian Samosas

Image from the Internet. …Samosas are made from mashed, spiced potatoes covered in dough and deep fried. I buy just one about twice a month. These cost about Rs. 12 per piece, without Chutney. That leaves me with a good feeling for about a fortnight.

But When I Love Somebody, and when Somebody Loves me, as for example I get a Smile or a Kiss from Children, that leaves me Glowing practically the Whole Day.

Lesson: ‘Love brings More Happiness than Money.’

Thus, We can be Spending Much Less, and be More Happy. It has to be Tried.

The Amount of money that is just ‘Blown’ on useless things like New Year Celebrations, or that of Christmas, or Any other Festival, When We live the Way We do…

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