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Faithful Gelert

I’d like to tell you a story that I heard many times whilst growing up in Wales.  It never fails to move me.  The story is inscribed on a gravestone in Beddgelert, North Wales:

In the 13th century Llewelyn, prince of North Wales, had a palace at Beddgelert. One day he went hunting without Gelert, ‘The Faithful Hound’, who was unaccountably absent.

On Llewelyn’s return the truant, stained and smeared with blood, joyfully sprang to meet his master. The prince alarmed hastened to find his son, and saw the infant’s cot empty, the bedclothes and floor covered with blood.

The frantic father plunged his sword into the hound’s side, thinking it had killed his heir. The dog’s dying yell was answered by a child’s cry.

Llewelyn searched and discovered his boy unharmed, but nearby lay the body of a mighty wolf which Gelert had slain. The prince filled with remorse is said never to have smiled again. He buried Gelert here.

And here is a related quote I found on Wikipedia:


Thou hast not trod with pilgrim foot the ground

Where sleeps the canine martyr of distrust,

Poor Gelert, famed in song, as brave a hound

As ever guarded homestead, hut, or hall,

Or leapt exulting at the hunter’s call;

As ever grateful man consigned to dust.

John Critchley Prince lines 24 to 29 of “North Wales”


Another Snowflake

Trying to see if I can come up with designs for paper snowflakes using Krita.


This is the kind of weather we’re having in Ireland lately

The video I posted here originally has been deleted so if you’re still interested you can find it by clicking here.

Diferencia entre virus y retrovirus / Difference between virus and retrovirus

Not many things make me LOL for real but this did. Feel free to tell me I’m weird. 🙂

El espacio de Chus

Virus vs Retrovirus

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On My Soapbox

With countries taking polarized stances and tension escalating around the world I don’t think that any news outlet can be trusted to provide the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  Now you might think that this is self-evident but have you done anything about it?  I would suggest reading news from more than one country to get some sort of balance.  It’s not particularly easy, given the language barriers, but there are quite a few news outlets that have output that is not in their native language. I’m thinking in particular of the Russian RT News outlet which I have found to be a great balance against Western media.  They often give prominent attention to events that the Western media have tried to downplay or ignore.  They also, obviously, have quite a different perspective on events in Syria, and so on.

If we don’t allow our media to stir us up into hatred then we are closer to finding solutions to world peace.  What do you think?  Do you have any links to non-western news outlets that you can share in the Comments section?


December Flowers

We had quite a mild autumn here in the west of Ireland so there are a few more flowers in my garden than normal.  The temperature has dropped now and the winds have picked up but some of the plants are still trying to put on a show.  I thought I’d share some photos that I took of them today.  Some of them are a little bedraggled (Black-eyed Susan looks like she got that name in a fight for example) but they’re trying their best. 🙂

(As always, click a picture if you want a closer look.)