Krita Deform Brush Doodle

Just playing around with one of the tools in Krita. Not sure I love the colour scheme I ended up with, but I like the patterns.
spiral graffiti


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  1. One of your bolder pieces. ❤ Thanks for "speaking" my feelings into being today. Very freeing. 😀

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  2. Love the colours and the shapes of this, not symmetrical but nicely balanced.


  3. A very organic feel to this piece and I like the colours too – keep doodling Sarah, I love to see what happens in your results 🙂


    • Thanks Caren. I’ve ground to a halt again for now. 😦 How about you? Your blog has been very quiet after that flurry of art? I hope all is well. I guess your fingers are just too busy with Christmas things to be able to type…

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      • I am well, Sarah Thank you for asking.
        I have had such a flurry of private commissions of late which I have been juggling for deadlines, whilst I can sporadically keep up with other’s posts I seem not to have time to do any of my own!! Plus fitting in a lovely weekend to see our children in Wales again for son’s big annual concert performance 🙂 Goodness only knows I haven’t even made a start on my family’s handmade gifts yet, I NEED more hours in the day……..


      • LOL I know the feeling. I keep cutting back on non-essential jobs but the time still disappears anyway. 🙂

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      • I think it must be an age thing, the more I seem to slow down, the more the world around speeds up!!!? ;-/

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