Work In Progress – Eagle or Eagles?

WIP Eagle Crest2
I’m about halfway through the work on this picture. It’s for the cover of a booklet that a friend of mine is writing. The double-headed eagle is based on the “Lesser Coat of Arms of Russia” and other heraldic imagery available via Wikimedia. I’m using the free art software called Krita that I posted about recently. It’s working well so far, apart from some problems caused by my amateur fumblings. The mirroring tool is particularly useful for this highly symmetrical piece.


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  1. You are so talented Sarah. Whatever you do is so beautiful.

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  2. The feathers are so detailed — what patience you have. 😀

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  3. May I ask, I’m curious – how do George and the dragon relate to the double-headed eagle Sarah?


    • Well, first, a caveat: I’m only drawing what I’ve been asked to draw and I’m not an expert on the subject so what I’m about to tell you may be inaccurate. Saint George is a major saint in both the Orthodox and Catholic faiths. He was a Roman soldier who was martyred for not renouncing his Christian faith. He appears at the centre of the Russian Coat of Arms, along with the double-headed eagle. His fabled fight with the dragon can be interpreted as a fight against evil or the devil.
      The double-headed eagle is a very old heraldic symbol. I think that after the fall of the Roman and Byzantine Empires Russia felt itself to be their successor. (Did you know that the word “tsar” is derived from “caesar”?) The double-headed eagle is closely associated with the afore-mentioned empires; the two heads either representing their dominance over East and West, or over secular and religious matters. So back to your original question: for the purposes of the booklet cover, the eagle represents the Catholic and Orthodox Churches (West and East), and St George represents the holy fight against evil. 🙂

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      • Gosh, I’ve really shown my ignorance Sarah; I had no idea the Russian Coat of Arms featured George and the Dragon. Uccello’s depiction really captivated me the first time I ever visited the National Gallery in London, though I was in complete ignorance of the theme being used in the heraldic device of the Russian Empire. Thankyou for educating me! 🙂


      • And you in your turn have educated me. 🙂 I’ve been to the National Gallery but I missed Uccello’s George. I’ve just googled it and I’m sure it would have captivated me too.
        I know it’s boring but the painting that kept drawing me back was Whistlejacket. I love looking at horses.

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      • Ah yes, Whistlejacket. On my first visit it was Bellini’s Madonna of the Meadow, and I remember being incredibly moved by it and not wanting to walk away.


      • Next time I’m in London I must have another trip to the National Gallery. I must have missed a lot of rooms! My auntie lives in London so she’s usually acting as Tour Guide. Maybe I will have to take charge of the map next time!

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  4. Looking really good Sarah! 🙂


  5. wonderful koan!
    neither just one
    nor two 🙂

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  6. krita – I will look into it. I draw by hand but use gimp to clean up sketch, color and size.


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