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The Dudley Story

Please, please take the time to watch the story of this beautiful baby bull. ❤

Crows Head Soup

The Dudley Story

Get ready to laugh, cry, and be inspired by Dudley’s incredible journey.

The Gentle Barn — Teaching People Kindness and Compassion to Animals, Each Other and our Planet.

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Paper Snowflakes

I normally cut my own designs for snowflakes at this time of year.  When my daughter joins in we end up with a veritable snow drift of paper delights.  This year I made the mistake of looking at my Pinterest account.  This usually results in some new obsession; this time it looks like it’s other people’s snowflakes.  The ones shown below are mostly based on patterns I found via Pinterest.  The Celtic cross one I designed myself.  (As always, you can click on an image to see it more closely.)

Bloggers Unite For Peace

whiterosesFeeling like you want to make a positive contribution towards peace in the world?

As a blogger you could try contributing to Uncle Spike’s effort.

If you are a creative sort then you could also consider submitting to the Artists4Peace blog.

My final thought would be that, just like charity, peace begins at home.  To improve peace in our homes we need more peace in our hearts.  To do this takes patience, understanding and forgiveness.  If you can improve the peace in your own household and workplace then you have automatically increased peace in the world.  😀

Krita Snowflake Doodle

Still playing. 🙂
snowflake doodle

Krita Deform Brush Doodle

Just playing around with one of the tools in Krita. Not sure I love the colour scheme I ended up with, but I like the patterns.
spiral graffiti

Wee of the Red Tower


From our red tower
We have the misty power
To travel across the land
In letters written by other hands

Feeding on the feelings
Held in human dealings
Sometimes travel with the sadder letters
To help wee sippy ants feel a little better

Other times we hitch a ride
While our sack fella drives
See the sky, see the flowers
Visit tribes in other towers

Different tribes
Different scribes

Nights, demystified, we show ourselves and joke
Pretending to be the carefree faerie folk
To gaseous intoxicated sirs
Or click clacking yellow hers

Day, a cock-a-leeky Dalai Martian marked a spot
I took another ride, to see what he’s got
At home – a bone
Round basket – a throne

Night, garden, watched hedgehog and fox
Under stars, counted, thousands, stopped
Inside counted spots, then fell asleep
Woke when sleeping dog chased a sheep

Dew diamonded morning brought me back

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Finished Eagle Crest

WIP Eagle Crest10small

Work In Progress – Eagle or Eagles?

WIP Eagle Crest2
I’m about halfway through the work on this picture. It’s for the cover of a booklet that a friend of mine is writing. The double-headed eagle is based on the “Lesser Coat of Arms of Russia” and other heraldic imagery available via Wikimedia. I’m using the free art software called Krita that I posted about recently. It’s working well so far, apart from some problems caused by my amateur fumblings. The mirroring tool is particularly useful for this highly symmetrical piece.

Hedge Holes

In 2011 a minibus lost control and smashed into our front garden.  Nobody was badly hurt but my garden was a mess (see below).

The walls were rebuilt by the owner of the minibus company but we replaced the hedge at our own expense (because his cheque bounced). The hedge was finally beginning to look undamaged this year. Then somebody else lost control of their car on Sunday night and landed in our front garden. Again, miracle of miracles, nobody was seriously hurt but the garden has taken a battering. I couldn’t get a good photo of the impact point because it was pretty much obliterated. Heavy chunks of masonry flew hundreds of yards and a huge evergreen tree at the end of our boundary hedge was separated from its roots. Here is a picture of the secondary damage from where the car landed and was pulled out by the emergency services.
Thank heavens for the emergency services, airbags and car insurance!